Dead, Departed and Retired

Character Sheets

The Intrepid Thursday Nighters

Zosia and Co.

Hero Designer Files
(designed for v.2 but work fine with v.3)

Right-Click on the links below and select "Save as..." (or whatever the equivalent command is in the browser/platform of your choice). Note that unless you've told it to do otherwise, Windows will sometimes append a filename suffix it thinks is appropriate instead of leaving the filename as it is. If that happens, just rename the file back to the filename shown below.

FitzHero.hdt is the default character template for these campaigns. The major change is that it costs STR at 2 character points per point, but it includes some other additions as well, such as an extension to the Damage Reduction power to provide invulnerability.

HighFantasy.hdr is the campaign rules file, which sets things like the base points allowance and so forth.

FitzHTML_flowtext.hde is the HTML Export Template to export to the character sheet format shown on these pages.

Because I personally use Mozilla Firefox (and think that IE is basically a bunch of poo) the html and css is optimised for that browser. It will work in IE, but I don't guarantee the formatting.

<< You will need to put this PNG file in the same directory as the html files output by the HeroDesigner export if you want the image next to the Hit Location table on the sheet.

Fitz_spellbook_html.hde pumps out the HTML spell lists as seen from the character sheet links above. It only displays the Powers from the character sheet, including END cost and Magic Skill roll penalty (calculated at -1 per 10 Active Pts), and it also generates a hyperlinked table of contents at the head of the page.