STR09--20Damage 0d6, Lift 25.0kg
DEX1512-15OCV 5 DCV 5
INT1312-3PER Roll 12-
EGO1111-2ECV: 4
PRE10/4011- / 17-0PRE Attack: 2d6 / 8d6
PD000/6 PD (0/6 rPD)
ED202/8 ED (0/6 rED)
SPD535Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
1"Running2" Non-combat Running (2/3 km/h)
0"Leaping0" Horizontal, 0" Vertical
6"Flight12" Non-combat Flight (9/18 km/h)
1"Tunneling2" Non-combat Tunneling (2/3 km/h)
Equipment Carried:
0.00 kg
Total Weight CarriedDCV/DEX RollMoveEND/Turn
Up to 3 kg-00
3 - 6 kg-10
6 - 13 kg-2-1"1
13 - 19 kg-3-2"2
19 - 23 kg-4-4"3
23 - 25.0kg-5-8"4
Combat Information
OCV: 5DCV: 5ECV: 4
PD:0 (0/6)
rPD: 0/6
ED:2 (2/8)
rED: 0/6
Mental Def: 0
Power Def: 0
9Upper Armx1x3/x1
15-16Lower Legx2/x½

Tiny but perfectly formed fairy

Total Points: 260
Base Pts: 100
Disads: 105
Characteristics: 70
Abilities: 191

XP earned: 50
XP spent: 55
XP remaining: 0

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Pandora is a tiny (25cm tall) beautiful woman with bright orange hair and translucent irridescent green wings. She's a fairy.


Cost Disadvantage

10 Physical Limitation: Tiny (Frequently, Slightly Impairing)

0 Normal Characteristic Maxima

15 Psychological Limitation: Curious (Common, Strong)

10 Psychological Limitation: Drama Queen - craves attention (Common, Moderate)

15 Reputation: Mischievous prankster, 14-

Notes: Everyone knows that fairies have a somewhat mordant sense of humour, and that they exercise it at the drop of a hat. Empathy and compassion aren't common fairy emotions.

30 Vulnerability: 2 x STUN Iron weapons (Very Common)

Notes: The very touch of iron is searingly painful to many of the denizens of Faery. Because of this, if Pandora is hit by an iron weapon the wounds are much more painful than they would normally be.

25 Susceptibility: Skin contact with iron 1d6 damage per Phase (Very Common)

Notes: If Pandora comes into contact with iron she immediately takes 1d6 STUN (no defence) and another 1d6 every Phase she stays in contact with it. Once she reaches unconsciousness, she also starts taking BODY damage. She can't recover or regenerate until she's out of contact with the iron, which would be especially serious if, for example, she were shot with an iron dart or arrow that stayed in the wound.



0 Fairy Speech: Language: Native language (Idiomatic, native accent) (4 Active Points)

4 Common Tongue: Language (completely fluent; literate)

0 Acrobatics 8-

0 Acting 8-

0 AK: Thistleweb Sidhe and environs 8-

0 Breakfall 8-

0 Climbing 8-

0 Concealment 8-

0 Conversation 8-

0 Deduction 8-

0 First Aid: Paramedics 8-

3 Persuasion 11- (17-)

0 Shadowing 8-

0 Sleight Of Hand 8-

0 Stealth 8-


12 Invisible Fairy Armour: Combat Luck (6 PD/6 ED)

15 Beast Speech

18 Evasive


38 Teensy-Tiny: Shrinking (0.25 m tall, 0.1953 kg mass, -6 PER Rolls to perceive character, +6 DCV, takes +9" KB), Inherent (+¼), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Persistent (+½) (67 Active Points); Always On (-½), No Growth Momentum (-¼)

10 Fairy Wings: Flight 6", Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½) (18 Active Points); Restrainable (-½), Physical Manifestation (wings; -¼)

5 Fairy Eyes: Ultraviolet Perception (Sight Group)

6 Fairy Vitality (Regeneration): Healing 1d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Persistent (+½) (20 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Minute, -1 ½), Self Only (-½), Doesn't work when in contact with iron (-½)


Fairy Magic: Multipower, 170-point reserve, (170 Active Points); all slots OAF Fragile (Fairy Wand; -1 ¼), Activation Roll 13- (-¾), END is drawn from Long Term Endurance (You recover this END at the rate of REC per 5 hours if resting, or REC per day if not.; -½), Gestures (Wave the fairy wand, sprinkle fairy dust on the target; -¼)

Notes: Pandora's wand is a fragile little twig (1 DEF, 1 Body). She can create another if it is broken, but not instantaneously -- once a suitable twig is selected, it takes her about half an hour to tune it. Pandora's magic doesn't work on iron, and the wood her twig is made from must not be tainted by iron (e.g. by cutting it with an iron knife).
Note that casting any of these spells is very tiring, and Pandora only has 20 END. She will have to rest between spells or risk knocking herself out with the effort -- assuming she does nothing but Recover, she can cast a spell every 3 Phases.

1u 1) Animal Magnetism: +30 PRE (30 Active Points); Limited Power Can only be used to persuade animals to your will (-1 ½), Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), Only to Activate, Character May Take No Other Actions, -¾), Concentration, Must Concentrate throughout use of Constant Power (½ DCV; -½), Incantations (Requires Incantations throughout; Requires verbal persuasion; -½), Requires A Persuasion Roll (-½), Costs Endurance (-½) END: 3

3u 2) Beautification: Aid COM 3 ½d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per 25 Years; +3) (140 Active Points); Costs Endurance (-½) END: 14

Notes: This spell decreases the amount of ugliness in the world. Just by tapping the target with her wand, Pandora can increase their beauty: 1 point on the dice equals +2 points of COM. The new beauty does fade over time though (as does all beauty); the target loses 10 points of COM over 25 years (1 point every 2½ years).

1u 3) Butterflies: Sight Group Flash 10d6 (50 Active Points) END: 5

Notes: This spell invokes a cloud of butterflies that swirl about the target's eyes, blinding it temporarily. The total number of BODY rolled, minus the target�s Flash Defense (if any), is the number of Segments (note: NOT Phases) the target�s sight is disabled.

1u 4) Camoflage: Invisibility to Sight Group , Usable Simultaneously (up to 8 people at once; +1) (40 Active Points); Chameleon (-½) END: 4

Notes: This spell allows Pandora (and, if she so wishes, up to 4 others) to take on the colours and textures of their background, so that as long as they remain motionless they become invisible. Someone who approaches within 2 metres still has a chance to spot them with a normal PER roll.

3u 5) Cure Disease: Dispel Disease 20d6, any disease one at a time (+¼), Cumulative (+½) (105 Active Points) END: 10

Notes: This spell can cure any disease (but not magical effects that mimic disease) as long as it is 120 points or less. The spell can be re-cast multiple times on the same target, but it will accumulate a maximum of 120 points of dispel.

1u 6) Detect Magic: Detect Magical Auras 12- (Sight Group) (10 Active Points); Concentration, Must Concentrate throughout use of Constant Power (0 DCV; -1), Costs Endurance (-½) END: 1

Notes: With this spell Pandora can concentrate to search for and "see" magical auras. It gives her no information other than that an aura exists.

2u 7) Dispel Pandora's Magic: Dispel Pandora's fairy magic 25d6, any of Pandora's fairy magic powers one at a time (+¼), Cumulative (+½) (131 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Minute, -1 ½), Only works on Pandora's own magic (-1), No Range (-½) END: 13

Notes: Pandora can use her wand to dispel her own fairy magic, but she can't dispel anybody else's magic. To successfully dispel an effect she must reach at least the Active Point value of the magic (150 points for most of her spells) on the dice, but it need not be with a single throw; the dispel can be applied repeatedly until the magic is finally nullified.

4u 8) Healing Magic: Healing BODY 10d6, Can Heal Limbs, Resurrection, Decreased Re-use Duration (6 Hours; +¼) (156 Active Points) END: 16

Notes: This is simplified Healing (i.e. dice are read as if doing Normal damage). You can heal a single person repeatedly, but can do a maximum of 20 BODY and 60 STUN per person per 6 hours. You can bring someone back from the dead as long as they have 20 BODY or less (you have to heal them back up to at least 0 BODY or else they will just die again). To regenerate a severed limb, you have to heal more than half the character's normal BODY total.

1u 9) Make Holes In Things: Tunneling 1" through 8 DEF material (26 Active Points); Restrainable (Only by means other than Grabs and Entangles; The presence of any iron (or other ferrous material) in the area of effect negates the spell; -¼) END: 3

Notes: This spell allows Pandora to make holes in walls, cliff faces, piles of dirt, trees and so forth. It will not work on iron, or if there is iron (or any ferrous material) in the area she wants to dig out -- for example, a wooden door held together with iron bolts, rivets or nails would be immune to the effect, as would a natural stone cliff face with a seam of iron ore running through it. However, in the case of the door, she need only tunnel through the wall to either side of it, or in the case of the cliff face, find an area free of the ore seam; Only the specific area she wants to affect needs be iron-free.

1u 10) Polymorph Self: Shape Shift (Sight, Touch, Smell/Taste and Hearing Groups, any shape) (39 Active Points); Limited Effect (Only pretty things; -¼) END: 4

2u 11) Pratfall: Change Environment 2" radius, -5 to DEX Roll to move, -7" Running, Multiple Combat Effects, Target falls if DEX roll to move is failed, Mobile (you can keep the effect under a target who is moving out of the area of effect by targeting the new hex; +1) (116 Active Points); Concentration, Must Concentrate throughout use of Constant Power (0 DCV; -1) END: 12

Notes: This spell creates a slippery patch in the hex targeted. Anyone within the hex must make a DEX roll at -5 to be able to move at all, and if they fail the roll they fall down. So slippery is the surface that most people will have to move non-combat (at ½ DCV) to be able to move out of the area of effect. If a victim looks as though they will be able to move out of the slippery area (and Pandora has an action Phase) she can re-target the effect to keep it under them just by making a new attack roll; this does not disrupt the effect.

4u 12) Sleep: Drain STUN 8d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per Minute; +¼), Ranged (+½) (140 Active Points) END: 14

Notes: When this spell knocks someone out, the SFX is tweeting birds circling around their heads.

3u 13) Transformations - Major: Major Transform 5d6 (anything into anything, healed by normal REC), Improved Target Group (anything to anything; +1) (150 Active Points); No Range (-½) END: 15

Notes: This type of Transformation is the most powerful; you can literally change anything into anything else (though you can't create a living creature from an inanimate object, or kill a living creature by transforming it into non-living matter -- it'd just be in suspended animation). You can conjure water out of thin air, or turn fire into ice. The size of the object affected (and of the final transformation) depends on the amount shown on the Transform dice; for example, with one casting of the spell you could create 5d6 BODY (an average of 17.5 BODY) of salami from a similar amount of rock.
Inanimate objects are assumed to have REC 7 - i.e. they heal from the transformation at 1 BODY per day. Regardless of the amount thrown on the Transform dice, an object (or creature) can't take more than twice their normal BODY in Transform "damage". Once they heal past 0 BODY, they then gradually lose their Transformed characteristics until they regain their old form. Healing magic has no effect on a Transformation, but a Dispel might.

4u 14) Transformations - Minor: Minor Transform 7 ½d6 (anything into anything, normal REC), Improved Target Group (+1) (150 Active Points) END: 15

Notes: Examples of Minor Transforms include making an opponent break out into a rash (minor penalties (no more than -2) to OCV and DEX-Based Skills), rendering inedible food edible, or turning a dagger into a sword.

3u 15) Transformations - Cosmetic: Cosmetic Transform 15d6 (anything into anything, Normal REC), Improved Target Group (anything to anything; +1) (150 Active Points); No Range (-½) END: 15

Notes: This Transformation will make surface changes only (colour, smell, limited changes in shape) but does not affect the fundamental nature of the target. For example, you could change a twig into a sword, but it would do damage as if it were still a twig. You could make someone look like a fish, but they would not be able to breathe water, and so on. (See above for general notes on Transformations)