Medieval Missile Weapons Prices and Rules

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The STR mins and modifiers for some of these weapons have been changed from the basic list presented in the HSR. This is (in part) to accomodate the changed cost of STR.

STR Min for Autofire throwing of weapons is based upon their active point cost, same as with +1 Stun weapons. However, these weapons have two STR Min listed: one for single shot, and one for autofire use.


ItemCostOCV ModDamageSTUN xSTR MinWeight (kg)Notes
Normal arrow (or quarrel)15 cpnormalas for bow0.1
Broadhead15 cp+ 1 DC0.1Attack is Reduced Penetration
Signal arrow12 cp-2 DC0.1Images versus normal hearing
Blunt head12 cp(DC).01Converts K into normal DC
Bodkin point1 sp-1 DC0.1Attack is AP
Sling (or prod) bullet2 cp0.3
Sling stonefree-1 DC0.2
Note: To get a missile tipped with silver costs approximately eight times the listed price.

Missile weapons

ItemCostOCV ModDamageSTUN xSTR MinRangeWeight (kg)Notes
Short Bow40 sp1d6-1K5501.01/2 DCV, 2H
Short Bow50 sp1d6K7751.21/2 DCV, 2H
Short Bow75 sp1d6+1K101001.51/2 DCV, 2H
Stone Bow50 sp1/2d6K+17501.21/2 DCV, 2H
Recurved Bow130 sp1d6K7751.51/2 DCV, 2H
Recurved Bow175 sp1d6+1K101001.71/2 DCV, 2H
Recurved Bow210 sp1.5d6K121252.01/2 DCV, 2H
Longbow75 sp+1 Rng1d6+1K111001.81/2 DCV, 2H
Longbow100 sp+1 Rng1.5d6K141252.01/2 DCV, 2H
Longbow150 sp+1 Rng2d6K161502.21/2 DCV, 2H
Crossbow100 sp+1 Rng1d6K10754.0see below
Crossbow175 sp+1 Rng1.5d6141255.0see below
Crossbow200 sp+1 Rng2d6+1171756.0see below
Arbalest275 sp+1Rng2.5d6202008.0see below
Prod175 sp1d6K+1111105.0see below
Dart3 sp+11/2d65 (7)500.2can be thrown AF
Dart5 sp+11d67751.0
Javelin25 sp1d67752.0
Sling2 sp-1 Rng1d6K+1111100.1
Staff sling15 sp-2 Rng1d6+1K+1151502.0Full phase, 2H !/2 DCV

The STR required to use a crossbow can be reduced by 5 if a simple device such as a belt-hook or goat's foot lever is used. In any case, the user is reduced to 1/2 DCV while loading and takes a full phase to load. Use of a crank reduces the STR needed to use a crossbow by 7, but also reduces the users DCV to 1/2. A crank requires 2 full phases to load.

Description of weapons

Arrow: Blunt
Simply an arrow with the head replaced with a heavy, round knob. Used for hunting small game or bring down a foe without killing them.
A war arrow with a square, pointed head, designed to punch through armour.
Originally a hunting arrow, with a wide, barbed head designed to cause nasty flesh wounds.
An arrow with a round, fluted head made of wood or ceramic that whistles shrilly when air passes through it as it is fired
The missile used by a crossbow — thicker and shorter than a normal arrow.
Sling bullet
slings often fired a good sized stone. For extra oomph they could use a metal bullet — normally made of lead. Witty armourers would cast them with messages on them — such as "Take that!"
Short (or Self) Bow
The traditional bow, about half a man's height and simply carved from wood.
A bow also carved from wood, but longer and heavier than a shortbow, allowing it to fire heavier missiles.
Recurved bow
A more sophisticated weapon made by laminating layers of horn, or even bone, with glue. The bow was formed into an exaggerated W-shape, which when strung was almost inverted. This allowed a longer bow in a smaller space.
Stone bow
A bow designed to fire small missiles like a sling stone rather than an arrow. Mostly used for hunting small game.
A weapon in which a bow is affixed horizontally to a stock, and the bowstring held in place by a lock. This allows the weapon to be held loaded (at least for a short time) and simplifies aiming. However, crossbows — while more powerful — were generally slower to load.
This covers an assortment of small hand-hurled missiles. They can be thrown singly or in groups. There is also a larger type of dart (such as the martobuli) which cannot be thrown autofire, but which are haevier — often having a lead weight behind the head.
A light spear designed for throwing. It can also be used in HTH combat, doing 1d6 HKA.
A crossbow designed to fire small missiles like a sling stone rather than a quarrel. Mostly used for hunting small game.
Belt hook
a simple device to ease the drawing of a crossbow — it is simply a belt with a hook on it. Put the crossbow's front on the ground, bend down and slip the hook through the string and stand up — using your back and legs to draw it rather than your arms.
Goat's foot lever
Another device for drawing a crossbow — a simple lever
For drawing the heaviest crossbows — a windlass-like affair.
A simple leather or cloth strip that could be drawn up and used to flick a small missile. Contrary to the movies, you NEVER whirl a sling around.
Staff sling
The same device but mounted on a short pole to increase the momentum. Sometimes used to deliver small firepots, or jars of angry bees and the like.