Price Lists: Miscellaneous Useful Items

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Backpack, leather30 sp≅50 litre capacity
Balance and weights30 spCan acurately weigh to about 1/2 a gram
Baliset120 sp
Bell: small12 sp
— large30 sp
Beltpouch: large13 sp≅1 — 2 litre capacity
— small8 sp≅1/2 litre capacity
Book: small30 spabout 3 kg
— large45 spabout 6 kg
— Fancybound100 spabout 4 kg
Bottle: medium15 cpholds 1 litre
— large1 spholds 2 litres
Box: ironbound, large140 sp≅45 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm. ≅20 kg
— small60 sp≅30 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm. ≅5 kg
— wooden, large40 sp≅45 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm. ≅5 kg
— small10 sp≅30 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm. ≅2 kg
Bradawl*10 sp
Caltrop: large20 spweighs about 5 kg, 15 cm spikes
— small (score)40 spspikes about 2 cm long
Candle: tallow2 cplasts ≅1 hour, ≅200g
— wax2 splasts ≅2 hours, about ≅200 g
Case: bone30 sp
— metal40 sp
— leather10 sp
Chalk21 cp
Chisel: masonry*15 sp
— wood*10 sp
Clothes: baldric200 sp
— belt5 sp
— boots, high, soft40 sp
— boots, low, hard20 sp
— boots, low, soft20 sp
— cloak9 sp
— clogs3 cp
— dress15 sp
— hose2 sp
— robes15 sp
— sandals10 cp
— skirt3 sp
— trousers4 sp
— tunic4 sp
Crampons12 sp
File*40 sp
Grapnel: normal20 sp
— folding60 sp
Hacksaw*50 sp
Hammer*12 sp
Hammock8 sp
Holy symbol: iron15 sp
— silver40 sp
— wooden1 sp
Holy water (vial)10 sp
Hooks (wire)*5 sp
Horn40 sp
Incense (1 stick)2 sp
Ink (50 ml)15 cp
Lantern: bullseye12 sp
— hooded20 sp
— simple5 sp
Lockbreaker*20 sp

Anyone found possessing these items is likely to fall under suspicion of being a thief !

Lockpicks (assorted sizes)*100 sp
Lute110 sp
Lyre80 sp
Mirror: glass50 sp
— metal, large40 sp
— metal, small30 sp
Oil: skin (litre)15 sp
— flask (litre)20 sp
Padlock and key45 sp
Parchment3 cp1 sheet
Pen: quill1 cp
— scratch5 cp
Perfume (10 ml)40 sp
Pickaxe24 sp
Pliers*18 sp
Pole (3m)2 cp
Pot (cooking, ceramic)1 spHolds about 3 litres
— (cooking, metal)3 sp
Prayerbeads10 sp
Prybar*15 sp
Pulley (small)25 spmaximum load about 100 kg
Quiver: small2 sp1 dozen arrows / bolts
— medium3 sp1 score arrows / bolts
— large4 sp2 score arrows / bolts
Rope: 10 m hemp5 sp
—10 m silk50 sp
Sack: large2 sp
— small1 sp
Scale and accurate weights55 spCan accurately weigh sub-gram amounts
Screwdriver*7 sp
Spade8 sp
Spike: iron, large4 cp
steel, small4 cp
String / cord (75 m)3 sp
Tent (1 person)45 sp

These prices are for a light canvas or similar tent. For a heavier version, prices roughly double.

— (2-3 people)70 sp
— (4-6 people)90 sp
Tinderbox15 sp
Torch2 cp
Waterskin (1 litre)2 sp
Whetstone1 sp
Whistle1 sp
Wire, 3 m8 sp

items marked * are required to get the "tools" bonuses for lockpicking