Price Lists: Food, Drink and a Roof over your head

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Inn fees: poor meal10 cp /person
— full meal1 sp/person
— good meal4 sp/person
— Common room5 cp /night
— double room1 sp/night
— single room3 sp/night
Stabling: mount or loadbeast10 cp /nightStabling fees include hay or similar for the animals
— Destrier1 sp/night
Passage: Litter/rickshaw2 sp/kmlesser rates may be obtained for a day's service
— Coach3 cp/km
— Ferry1 sp/km
— Ship1 cp/kmCost of passage does not include food
Bread (loaf)10 cp
Butter8 cp / kg
Cattlebeast or similar: roast8 cp /kg
— steak12 cp /kg
— other cut6 cp /kg
Cheese10 cp /kg
Eggs5 cp /doz
Fruit (various)12 cp /kg
Pepper and similar spices50 sp/kg
Salt15 cp /kg
Salted or smoked meat12 cp /kg
Sausage14 cp /kg
Vegetables (various)6 cp /kg
Ale7 cp /mugCasks of drink cost 50 times the by-the-mug cost and hold about 60 litres
Beer5 cp /mug
Wine: watered3 cp /flagon
— good10 cp /flagon
— fine20 cp /flagon
Distilled spirits: rough20 cp /flagon
— good40 cp /flagon