Halflings are a small folk, ranging from two to four feet tall, with most about three feet. They are not an homogenous race, and they vary considerably in build, colouring and personality from community to community. Some are extremely sedate and civilised, while others are practically feral. Apart from their size, the only things they can all be said to have in common is their unusual agility and resistance to magic — halflings of no sort have ever studied magic, and they have no aptitude for it. Halflings live to be 150 or more years old.

Summary of halfling racial abilities:

Surprise: 4 in 6 chance to surprise when travelling in non-metal armour and alone, or more than 90 ft in advance of others, or with a party entirely consisting of elves and/or halflings. If a door must be opened (or some similar task), the chance of surprise drops to 2 in 6.

Languages: Common, dwarfish, gnome, goblin, halfling and orcish. For every point of intelligence above 16, a halfling may learn an additional language, but may not have more than two additional languages regardless of intelligence.

Multi-class restrictions: Use of thieving abilities is only possible when wearing armour permitted to thieves.

Permitted class options: Fighter, Thief, or Fighter/Thief.

Infravision: 60 ft

Movement Rate: 60 ft

Starting Age:

Racial Limitations:

Halflings can use most magical devices appropriate to their class, but must fail a saving throw vs. Magic in order to use potions or scrolls.

Minimum/Maximum ability scores (after adjustment for race); if the ability scores rolled do not fall within these limits, then the race of halfling is not a valid choice for the character:

Level Limitations: