Dwarfs are a short and burly race, living in mountain fastnesses underground. They are loyal friends and fierce adversaries, known for their steadfastness in all things.

The dwarfs are inherently resistant to many spells and spell-like effects. Dwarfish characters gain bonuses against the use of most magic, including all spells, wands, rods, and staves. The amount of the bonus depends upon the dwarf’s constitution: every 3.5 points of constitution (rounding down fractions) grants a bonus of +1 against such magic. Moreover, the hardy dwarfish nature imparts a similar bonus on any saving throws against poison.

Dwarfs are not a numerous folk, but they are adventurous, loving the lustre of gold, the glitter of gems, and the quality of well-wrought metals. Dwarfs can live to an age of 350 years or more.

Summary of Dwarfish Racial Abilities:

Languages: Dwarfish, gnomish, goblin, kobold, and orcish, and the common tongue and the appropriate alignment tongue. Regardless of intelligence, a dwarf may only ever learn two languages in addition to those listed.

Infravision*: 60 ft

* Infravision is defined under Light and Vision.

Within ten feet, a dwarf can detect certain facts concerning engineering, stonework, etc. Although no significant time is required, the character must deliberately observe his or her surroundings (i.e., the player must state that the dwarf is using this particular talent in order to gain information).

Multi-class restrictions: The more restrictive of any two class requirements apply to multi-classed Dwarfish characters for the use of class abilities.

Permitted class options: Assassin, Cleric, Fighter, Thief, Fighter/Thief

Movement Rate: 90 ft

Starting Age*:

* For the purposes of starting age, for all races, treat assassins as thieves, illusionists as magic users, druids as clerics, and paladins and rangers as fighters.

Racial Limitations:

Minimum/Maximum ability scores (after adjustment for race); if the ability scores rolled do not fall within these limits, then the race of dwarf is not a valid choice for the character:

Level Limitations: