Elves are thinner and generally smaller in stature than humans. The elves have a powerful bond with nature and do not have souls; their thinking and motives are quite alien to those of humankind, and in any dealings with elves, it is perilous to forget this.

Some elven clans have built elaborate civilisations, remote and beautiful places of profound learning, master craftsmanship, and long history. Such elves tend to be chaotic good in alignment and friendly, if aloof, from humans. More numerous are the wilder elves, predominantly chaotic neutral in alignment and often not friendly to other races, inclining even toward hostility.

Intruding into the territory of such elves is inadvisable, for their sense of humour with regard to humans is, at best, arbitrary and, at worst, cruel. Different as they are, these varied elven cultures all share the same racial abilities, unless the GM chooses otherwise. Elves can live to an age of 1,000 years or more.

Summary of Elven Racial Abilities:

Languages: Common, elven, gnoll, gnomish, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, orcish. Languages in addition to these are only possible if the character has an intelligence of 16+, with one additional language possible for each point of intelligence over 15.

Infravision: 60 ft

Detect secret doors: 1 in 6 chance to notice secret doors when passing within 10 ft, 2 in 6 chance to discover secret doors when searching, and 3 in 6 chance to discover concealed doors when searching.

Surprise: 4 in 6 chance to surprise when travelling in non-metal armour and alone, or more than 90 ft in advance of others, or with a party entirely consisting of elves and/or halflings. If a door must be opened (or some similar task), the chance of surprise drops to 2 in 6.

Multi-class restrictions: The less restrictive of any two class requirements apply to multi-classed elven characters, except that thieving abilities can only be used while wearing armour permitted to thieves.

Permitted class options: Assassin, Cleric, Fighter, Magic user, Thief, Fighter/Magic user, Fighter/Thief, Magic user/Thief, Fighter/ Magic user/Thief.

Movement Rate: 120 ft

Starting Age:

Racial Limitations:

Minimum/Maximum ability scores (after adjustment for race); if the ability scores rolled do not fall within these limits, then the race of Elf is not a valid choice for the character:

Level Limitations: