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Strength Table

The Strength Tables offered in the Hero System Rulebook are fine, as far as they go, but the examples given aren't very useful in a fantasy gaming context. Hopefully, the examples I've given here might be more help.

Go here for a useful Continuous Strength Chart for those inconvenient in-between Strength stats.

STRMax. Lift (kg)Damage (d6) &
Jump (hexes)
-250.8NilOne arbalest-bolt , Javelin or Dart
-231NilLight bow or Fighting-knife
-182NilLongsword or Extra-heavy bow
-153.2NilLight crossbow or Battleaxe
-134NilLight crossbow and 20 quarrels
-106.4NilHeavy crossbow
-88NilChainmail shirt
-512.5NilChain shirt, small shield and longsword
-316NilChain hauberk
025NilFull chain harness or complete suit of articulated plate
337½Full suit of plate-mail
5501Plate-mail, great helm, longsword, dagger, battleaxe and shield
875Standard adult human, nude except for one strategically placed fig-leaf
101002Adult human with standard clothing and some equipment
13150Fully armoured and equipped adult human, or sumo wrestler naked except for loin-cloth.
152003One standard barrel of beer (about 36 gallons, or 180 litres, plus the barrel.)
18300Polar bear
204004Large adult fresh-water crocodile
23600Horse and armoured rider
258005Fully armed knight on caparisoned heavy warhorse
281,200A brick wall, 5½m long by 3m high
301,6006Two horses, a chariot, charioteer and archer
353,20071½ stones from the great pyramid of Cheops
406,4008African elephant
4512,5009Two beer-wagons, each carrying 24 barrels of beer
5025,00010Two beer-wagons, two drovers, sixteen oxen and forty-eight barrels of beer
5550,00011One Stonehenge sarsen-stone
65200,00013Small merchant ship
70400,00014Medium merchant ship
75800,00015Large merchant ship
801,600,00016About twenty-five million arrows
853,200,00017Thirty-two thousand archers
906,400,00018The burden of guilt
9512,500,00019About four-and-a-quarter million chickens
10025,000,00020A small castle

The Effects of Negative Strength

Human-sized creatures must have a STR of at least 0 (zero) to be able to support their own weight and walk more-or-less normally. At a STR of -5, the creature can only crawl for short distances, and must rest very frequently. If STR is reduced to -10 or less, then the creature cannot move at all, even to lift an arm.

STR can be reduced to below zero by a number of factors, such as Drains, illness, or poison. Similar effects result from being subjected to high gravity fields, which may also cause damage to the creature if sufficiently intense or sudden.

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