The Diabolical Deeds of the Dastardly Doktor Depravo Depravo  
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The Team

Sir Arthur, 1918

In Mongolia, 1925
Sir Arthur in Mongolia, 1925

The characters are all associated with a loose-knit association of like-minded individuals under the auspices of Wing Commander Sir Arthur Crefton-Lockyer, KBE, VC, DC, DFC and bar. Sir Arthur is now officially retired from the RAF, and lives in Hong Kong where he oversees the running of his "little shop", the multi-million pound Empire Orient Trading Company. He maintains contact with his old chums in the Ministry, and has been known to perform certain "favours" for His Majesty's Government from time to time.

The perpetual nemesis of the Wing Commander is — you guessed it — the diabolical Doktor Depravo, whose unceasing plots and plans for World Domination are a thorn in the side of the Empire, and of the governments of all the world. Sir Arthur will not rest until the Doktor and all his cronies are where they belong — at the end of a noose.