Andrew Bulwer-Lytton

Player: Mark Doherty

The Team ][ Depravo


Andrew Bulwer-Lytton is a son of the distinguished literary publishing family. After a fairly undistinguished term at Harrow, and the obligatory stint in the army (in his case the Royal Marines, serving in Hong Kong and Nepal), he took up a job in the family publishing business. After a couple of years in London, his experience in Asia led to him being given the head job of the Pacific Rim arm of the business, based in Hong Kong. Since it doesn't require a great deal of his time, he has been able to indulge his interests in asian art - both ancient and martial. He even met a charming girl, who he would have taken home to meet Mummy in an instant if Mummy wasn't so funny about asian ladies. And then one night she suddenly vanished! Andrew was devastated and the rumour that her disappearance had something to do with a certain crimelord led him to don a trilby and trench-coat and ask some pointed questions in the more squalid quarters of town. Although the number of tough-looking gentlemen making trips to hospital has suddenly reached unseasonable levels, he hasn't got any satisfactory answers yet. Still, he's going to find Zhou Zhing, if he has to ransack every grubby bar in Mongkok to do it. And when he finds her abductors, he's going to hurt them - badly. Unless Mummy was behind it, of course. He wouldn't put it past her - the old cow has contacts everywhere...


Andrew is instantly identifiable - tall, blonde, blue-eyed and english to the core. You know just looking at him that he says "I say" and "Rather" a lot, was on the first XV at school, and that his acquaintances describe him as "A decent sort". He believes strongly in doing right, treating the ladies with respect and defending the Empire. Still, he's been around enough to know that sometimes even a decent chap has to bloody his knuckles when it comes to serious business like the Great Game.


"Now look here, chaps, I'm sure we can be reasonable about this. I wouldn't want to have to put you all in hospital now, would I ?"

5 points STR bought as no figured CHA (-1/2), requires an EGO roll, (-1/2)
Total +74
Powers and skills, etc
3FAM: Small arms, knives
20Martial Arts Multipower (20 point reserve, Military training)
1Block +2 OCV, +2 DCV
1Disarm +2 OCV, +1 DCV
1Killing Strike 1d6 HKA (2d6 with STR)
2Martial Strike +2d6 HA, +1 OCV, + 2DCV (5d6 with STR)
1Martial Throw, +1 DCV (4d6 with STR)
1Choke 1" Darkness vs hearing (only to cancel voice of victim, -2) +1d6 HA NND (2d6+1 w. STR, defence is armour on neck)
1Firearms training +5 range levels with Firearms
1Pistol training +2 range levels (firearms) +2 CSL (only to increase damage, -1)
9Breakfall, Stealth, Tactics (all 13-)
4+2 OCV with pistols
6+3 CSL with Martial arts
9Climbing, Combat driving, Deduction (all 13-)
4KS: Asian Art, KS: Asian Archeology (both 11-)
5Languages: English (native), Cantonese (fluent), Mandarin (basic), Latin (basic), Ancient Greek (basic)
1FAM: Lawn sports (Tennis, croquet, etc)
3High Society (12-)
76Powers total
150Character total
75+ Disadvantages
25Believes in old-fashioned code of gentlemanly behaviour (very common, total)
15Secret ID (masked avenger)
20Hunted by - a whole passel of tongs and Triads (8-, NCI, MoPo)
5DNPC: Sergeant Riley (8-, slightly less powerful) - trusty Batman
5Physical limit (can't hold hold his alcohol: infrequent, slightly)