Character Creation

Characters are built using 3d6 and my Character Generation Wheel.

There are no absolute restrictions on character race or class selection (as long as you have the stats for it) but be prepared to accept the social ramifications of certain choices.

You can download a character sheet here. It is designed to be printed double-sided on A4 paper, and fold to an A5 booklet format.

This is an A5 booklet-fold Spell Book, in the same format as the character sheet above.

This link leads to a double-sided A4 character sheet — an old design, updated for my current campaign.

Replacing the Dead and Departed

New and replacement characters begin at 500 XP in the level below the lowest level character still in play. Sucks to be the new kid. If you wish to start with a multi-classed character, those levels will have to be split between your character classes, of course.

XP Distribution

XP are distributed as equal shares between all players who are actually involved in an encounter — this will mean that players who choose to play more than one character will have to split their XP between them. Characters who are absent from the party at the time, or who are being NPC'd, get nothing.

Note that taking an active role in planning for an encounter does count as being present, even if circumstances mean that your character has to be NPC'd for the actual confrontation.

Dramatis Personae




♀ Half-Elf Magic-User/Fighter (L3/4, 40hp)

STR 18/37, DEX 10, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 11, CHA 16

AC 18 (+2 chainmail)

Character Sheet — ODT format

The Right Reverend Erasmus Horace Shipton III

Andrew (Chracter Sheet)

♂ Human Cleric (L4, 23hp)


Grimslade the Cleric

Played by Martin, now a dead NPC, killed by an Ankheg. Character Sheet

Eyeless, the wizard

Enigmatic. Reclusive. Powerful. Grumpy. Rich. Very rich.

Parrot (the factotum, ♂)

Short, round, and with a generally cheery disposition, Parrot provides the main point of contact between Eyeless and his various employees.

The Skrær Household

The team is housed at Eyeless' expense in a house of their own in the township of Skrær, on Bucket Lane. It is a reasonably respectable address, though not overly luxurious.

The house comes with four servants:

Basina (the housekeeper, ♀)

Basina has the virtues of rigid honesty and chastity, and is patient with her staff and guests, but she is overly proud of her status as the mistress of the household, and she is very easily moved to envy of others, whereupon she can be quite poisonous in her spitefulness. Best to stay on the ood side of her if at all possible.

Turpin (the cook, ♂)

Turpin is not an amiable or attractive man. His only outstanding virtue is his honesty; apart from that, he is spiteful, gluttonous, lazy, and has a vicious temper. Eyeless provides only the basics as far as food goes, but plenty of it, and Turpin is a decent enough cook. But the table at the house would never be said to be of the haute cuisine.

Rothilde (the housemaid, ♀)

Rothilde is a self-effacing thing: unswervingly honest, generous and abstemious too — though not to excess. She does her work and keeps herself largely to herself, and if she has a fault it is that she has a very sharp tongue if provoked.

Sicho (the Boy, ♂)

Sicho lives for the moment. He is kind and generous, a little lazy perhaps. His great failing is that he is ever at the mercy of his importunate prick — given the opportunity, he will screw any one, any time. It's going to get him into real trouble one of these days.

Dead & Departed PCs


Cause of Death:


♀ Half-Orc Fighter (L4, 32hp)

STR 16, DEX 6, CON 16, INT 11, WIS 6, CHA 9

AC 17 (Banded mail and shield)

Oswalt Tenpenny

Cause of Death: Strangled, disembowelled and pegged out on an iron railing by an assassin in the employ of Tim the Enchanter as a warning to others.

Steve (Chracter Sheet)

♂ Halfling Fighter/Thief (L3/3, 34hp)


Cause of Death: Mauled and strangled to death by morlocks


♀ Half-Orc Fighter (L4, 30hp)

STR 16, DEX 10, CON 14, INT 12, WIS 9, CHA 11

AC 18 (plate-mail and shield)

Olaf Thingrson

Cause of Death: Killed by a sand-troll


♂ Human Cleric of Odin (L4, 18hp)

STR 13, DEX 13, CON 12, INT 13, WIS 14, CHA 13

Character Sheet — ODT format

Strawberry Fields

Cause of Death: Killed by a sand-troll


♀ Halfling Thief (L5, 33hp)

STR 6, DEX 15, CON 16, INT 11, WIS 16, CHA 9

Character Sheet — ODT format