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Matilda 1

Manufacturer: Scotia
Genre: 1/300 WW2 Wargaming

Comments: I have a perverse affection for the Matilda 1. It was really nothing more than a moving pill-box, but not a fast moving pill-box — racketing along at top speed it could barely outstrip a granny with a zimmer-frame. It was spectacularly well armoured for its day, except for the running gear, which was completely exposed. Its armament consisted of a single machine-gun, either a .303 or .50 calibre Vickers.

These little models from Scotia aren't too bad at all, though there's a bit of mold-chipping and infill showing amongst the running gear, especially on the port side. Towards the rear on the starboard side there's a large oval plate, which I've never seen in any photos — I don't know whether it's an intentional addition by the modeller, or whether it's a cock-up. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

The models have no tread detail on the tracks, so I've painted some in. On most of them I've gone for straight rusty/dirty brown, but on the one at the rear I've tried a metallic look — I'm undecided which way to go, but I'm leaning towards the brown.