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The Centurion

Manufacturer: Heroics & Ros
Genre: 1/300 Wargaming

Comments: The Centurion went into service in 1945, but not in time to see action. This is Heroics & Ros' re-tooling of their Centurion 1, as it might have appeared if it had seen active service in Germany in the last months of the war.

It mounts a 17 pounder main gun, and a co-axial 20mm Polsten auto-cannon which was discarded on later models as being too light for armoured targets and too heavy for use against infantry and soft-skins.

This is Heroics & Ros' old sculpt of the Centurion 1. It was quite serviceable as a wargaming model, but as you can see it was nowhere near as refined as the new one.

Again from Heroics & Ros, this one is the Centurion 3, the most common variant of the 1950s. It first mounted a 20 pounder gun, but was soon up-gunned with a high-velocity 105mm, as on this model. It first saw service in Korea, and was without doubt the best all-round tank of the 1950s and early 1960s.

Variants of the Centurion are still in service in armies around the world today.