His Majesty's Land-Ship Camouflage

Manufacturer: Airfix
Genre: 1/72 WW1 Armour

Comments: This is a very old plastic kitset model I've had hanging around for about a hundred years. I use it to experiment with AFV camouflage schemes, painting and weathering techniques, and all that palaver. It must have had almost every conceivable type and variation of camo scheme applied at some time, and been weathered to represent sevice in every conceivable climate and terrain.

The original model had a pair of steering wheels attached to its rear end; I removed them because they just got in the way. Coincidentally, that's what happened to the steering wheels on the original full-sized vehicle too.

Below are some close-ups of the appalling mess the model's in right now (February 2008) with about fifty coats of paint under all that. It will change just as soon as I need to try something else out.