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Valentine III Valentine III Valentine III Valentine III Valentine III Valentine III

Valentine III

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Genre: 15mm (1/100th) WWII

From Wikipedia:

"Based on the A10 Cruiser tank, the Valentine was privately designed by the Vickers-Armstrong corporation (hence its lack of an "A" designation) and was submitted to the War Office in February 1938. The development team tried to combine the weight of a cruiser tank (so that suspension and transmission parts of the A10 could be used) with the armour of an infantry tank, which resulted in a very small vehicle with a cramped interior and two-man turret. Though its armour was still weaker than the Matilda's and, due to a weaker engine, it shared the same top speed, the new design was much less expensive and easy to produce.

The War Office was initially deterred by the size of the turret and the crew compartment. However, concerned by the situation in Europe, it finally approved the design in April 1939. The vehicle reached trials in May 1940, which coincided with the loss of nearly all of Britain's equipment during the evacuation at Dunkirk. The trials were successful and the vehicle was rushed into production as Infantry Tank III Valentine."

This version, the Mk.III, had a new 3-man turret to relieve the commander from gunnery duties, but retained the 40mm 2pdr gun of the earlier versions. Its side-armour was reduced from 60mm to 50mm to save weight, compensating for the increased weight of the new turret.