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SdKfz 7/2 37mm Flak

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Genre: 15mm WW2 Wargaming

Comments: Here are a couple of views of a half-track 37mm flak vehicle, finished in the plain panzer grey used by the German forces in the first half of WWII. Notice how excellently it merges with the bleak, barren wasteland of my front porch.

The main reason I wanted to build this was to see how replacing the solid metal side-flaps with scratch-built framed mesh versions would work — I'm not too unhappy with them, but I could have done with using a finer mesh (if I could find any) and less chunky frames. The process was pretty straight-forward, but it was time consuming and fiddly, and if I were doing a lot of them I think it wouuld be an excellent candidate for photo-etched brass shim.