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M3 Grant

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Genre: 15mm WWII wargaming

Comments: This model is novel (to me) for two reasons:

The magnet works really well. It's strong enough to keep the turret on when the tank is inverted, but it's not powerful enough to lift the entire model — I suspect that if it were sticking to another magnet rather than to a steel screw, I'd be able to pick up the tank by the turret and swing it around without having to worry about it flying to bits.

The white stripes could be a little thinner, and in fact it would probably have been less trouble just to paint them with a brush. I believe it's possible to get pin-striping masking tape as small as 1mm, and that might be more successful. The latex masking solution isn't as successful with acrylic paint as it is with watercolour, because unlike watercolour the sprayed acrylic doesn't bead off, which makes rubbing the film off afterwards more difficult. Possibly painting on several coats of the latex would work better, as the resulting film would have more structural integrity and could be pulled off in a single piece.

The shading is created with "magic wash" — a mix of 2 parts Johnson's Klear acrylic floor wax, 3 parts water, and just enough sepia acrylic ink to stain the mix. I prefer sepia to black for this shading wash, as the sepia isn't as starkly contrasty as black.