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Char B1 (bis)

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Genre: 1/100th WWII

Comments: This was a French heavy tank, designed between the wars along WW1 lines. It was a potent fighting vehicle for its day, but let down by antiquated design and tactical principles. After the fall of France in 1940, the Germans (as was their habit) inducted quite a few of them into their own second-line forces. The Char B1 was often refitted as a flamethrower tank, replacing the hull 75mm howitzer with the flamethrower nozzle.

NOTE: That cylindrical thing on the rear hull top is actually the front right axle, and is supposed to be sitting just below the 75mm howitzer. I've since shifted it into its proper position, and maybe one day I'll do some updated photos. I wouldn't hold my breath though.