15mm Vickers MG Team

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Genre: WW2 Wargaming

Comments: This is my first bunch of wargames figures in nearly twenty years. I used to play Medieval games back in the Days of Yore when dinosaurs walked the earth and WRG 6th Edition Ancients Rules were the be-all and end-all of ancients wargaming, but it has to be admitted that I was really more interested in painting the figures than actually playing with toy soldiers. That's still true to a certain extent I suppose, but wargames rules these days are a lot more interesting and flavourful than they used to be, so the games are more fun and less of an exercise in predictive statistics.

This is about the actual size of the figures, assuming you're looking at this page on a PC and using a browser which adjusts for your display resolution.

Note: I just realized that I painted the second team from the left corporal's stripes upside-down. Bugger! That means that either I'll have to repaint them, or just claim that he's an American on attachment. Curses!

The excellent range of figures and vehicles produced by the Battlefront company, based in Auckland NZ, rekindled my desire to push model tanks and army-men around on a table while making "brrrrrm brrrrm" and "wheeeeeee-kaboooom!!!" noises. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don't have a whole heap of money at the moment, so building up an entire army of these non-cheap little guys is going to take a while.