Tabletop Miniatures 15mm knights

15mm Medieval Knights

Manufacturer: Tabletop Miniatures
Genre: Ancients Wargaming

Comments: I recently (2006) found an old 15mm medieval army that I abandoned in a drawer when I lost interest in wargaming, about twenty years ago. I dragged it out, made a start on replacing all the old spaghetti spears with wire ones, and started painting it up in preparation for plunging into the world of DBM. These are the first fruits of my labours; there are lots more to do yet.

Unlike my WWII stuff, I prefer to leave medieval wargaming figures gloss-varnished, since it really brightens the colours and is more hard-wearing than matt varnish to boot.

I had thought that they were Essex figures, but someone at the Christchurch Wargames Club identified them for me as Tabletop Miniatures, no longer in production unfortunately.