Forgotten Realms



Frequency:Very rare
Activity Cycle:Any
Intelligence:Non (0)
No. Appearing:1
Armor Class:2
Hit Dice:1 hp
No. of Attacks:Nil
Special Attacks:See below
Special Defenses:See below
Magic Resistance:Nil
Size:T (1-2” long)
XP Value:35

If a party of adventurers finds a ring-worm, they see a plain gold ring. It can be worn as a ring and radiates an aura of weak magic. If an identify spell is cast on the ring, it appears to be a ring of protection +1.

When worn, the ring-worm feeds on the magical energy used by the wearer. If a mage wears a ring-worm, he loses one spell level per day that he wears the ring. For example, he loses one spell level the first day, two spell levels the second day, and so on. The wizard simply forgets these spells immediately after memorizing them. The forgotten spells are randomly determined.

If the ring-worm is worn by a non-magic user or has consumed all of a wizard’s spells, it then steals magic from any magic items the person is carrying. Because the magic items are weakened by magical energy draining, there is an increased chance that they fail to work. This chance is a cumulative 10% per day the ringworm has been worn by the character.

When the wearer realizes that his magic is failing, he may realize his new “ring” is responsible. If another detect magic is used on the ring, it shows a stronger magical aura from the magical energy consumed by the worm.

If the victim attempts to remove the ring, he finds that it has bonded with his skin. Spells such as remove curse, heal, and all cure spells do not remove the ring-worm. Only a successful dispel magic spell allows the ring-worm to be removed. Consider the ring-worm to resist at 6th level, plus one level for every three spell levels or “pluses” drained.

After the worm is removed or killed, the victim’s magic items return to normal in 1-6 turns. Spells may be memorized as usual the following day.

Combat: If the ring-worm is attacked with fire, it detaches itself and tries to escape. If a successful flame attack is made against the worm, it dies automatically. When the worm is not in the form of a ring, only bladed weapons enchanted to at least +2 or better can harm it.

Habitat/Society: A ring-worm finds a home where there is a food supply. For this reason, it prefers to live in the city where it might find many magic users in a relatively small area. Ring-worms are also found in areas where adventurers frequently can be found, such as dungeons or even taverns. Usually these worms found their homes when their previous “hosts” discovered the true nature of the worms.

A breeding pair of ring-worms can lay 10-50 eggs. When the eggs hatch, the worms scatter and live solitary lives. It is extremely unlikely that a character would ever find more than one ring-worm at a time.

Ecology: Because of the ring-worm’s need for and attraction to magic, they are easily lured into traps. It has been rumored that some people have captured the worms for use against magical foes.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition

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