Herr Doktor David Bimler

David is notable for having owned some of the most annoying cats on the planet. He is also renowned for his achievement in successfully brewing wormwood beer, which managed to taste like white noise and have the same mental effects as a botched prefrontal lobotomy. Who can forget his "Trotsy's Headsplitter Bitter"? Or his "Stalinist Stout — a Purge in every Pint"?

He is also official Guru and Pope (John 20th (equal)) of the Greater Reunificatory Church of the Globe Artichoke, though his religious duties don't keep him very busy any more.

David is now happily domesticated with Penny and baby Sonja, and has more cats than ever. I should point out that David is of Danish extraction, and is no relation to Heinrich Himmler even though their surnames rhyme.

He has recently given up a job doing something so secret that just by reading this you make yourself liable for immediate phone-tapping, and has been off traipsing around Europe somewhere. Probably somewhere with a plentiful supply of beer.

UPDATE: July 2006
I've recently received an outraged second-hand communique from Sonja, exhorting me to keep these blasted pages up to date, and telling me that she isn't a baby any more. That's quite true, she's not. I think she's about 35 now, something like that. Not a baby, at any rate.