I've got no idea what to call this


Oil pastel on ink-washed MDF

I've got no idea what to call this one.

It's a doodle I started one night because I couldn't sleep and had nothing better to do. It's done in oil pastel, a medium I find a bit tricky, not least because I don't have easy access to any really good quality soft pastels. This is done mostly with Faber Castell pastels, which are OK, but they're still a little harder than I'd like — I have a few Neopastels by Caran d'ache, which are much better (and much more expensive), but there's no local supplier I can find in Christchurch who stocks them.

When working in pastel (oil or dry) I like to work on a relatively smooth, hard, dark surface. I've found that very lightly sanded MDF washed with indian ink is ideal.