Thrash and Trevor

Thrash & Trevor

Pencil and digital colour

This is a doodle I did during a roleplaying session.

Thrash is a character in the Warhammer roleplaying campaign I play in. He's a depraved sex-obsessed druggie halfling with ambitions of becoming a fully-fledged Witch-Hunter, which is odd considering his propensity for, well, chaotic behaviour. Trevor is a mongrel we found in a cage somewhere; Thrash has adopted him as his trusty canine sidekick in the never-ending war on Chaos.

Oh yes, the reason for the giant hat is because when he applied to a Temple of Sigmar to become a witch-hunter, they (surprisingly) didn't just kick him out with extreme prejudice, but gave him a (human-sized) hat and a copy of "Witch Hunting For Dummies".