Lift-ground etching - Tree


Lift-ground etching and aquatint on zinc

This was an experiment with a new recipe for a lift-ground* that a friend got off the internet. The recipe uses detergent — dish-washing liquid — as a base, and is a lot more manageable and quicker to lift than heavy sugar solutions. It doesn't have the problems of cooking on to the plate that sugar does when it's force-dried or the plate heated for the application of the hard ground. I like it, I think.

I etched the plate for a reasonable time in open-bite, and then laid an aquatint only over the upper half. Then I polished back the lower half a bit with Brasso to smooth out the rough tooth left by the etching, so that the texture left there would wipe out a bit more easily.

This is just a first attempt at this particular method, but I think it has potential.

* Look it up. You're on the internet, try Google or something.