Last updated 2023-08-22

7 Wonders 2-7 players. My copy is from China, and the rules I got were in Chinese, but thanks to the internet, I now have some English rules.
Alhambra 2-6 players. I have never, ever won this game. Not once.
Arkham Horror 2-8 players, 2-4 hours. Now including the Dunwich Horror expansion, which adds a bunch of stuff.
Attack! 2-6 players. A fairly simple game of WWII-ish territorial expansion and control. Definitely NOT a simulation game; the wargamy aspect is more for flavour than anything. It has a couple of expansions available; one that adds another game board and some advanced rules, and another that adds another couple of armies (for a maximum of 8 players).
Azul 2-4 players. A game of collecting and arranging coloured tiles that infants would be sure to want to put in their mouths. It's a fairly quick game, and easy to learn.
Betrayal At House On The Hill Up to 6 players. 2nd Edition, with fewer mistakes in the rulebooks. Probably need at least four for Best Fun. There's finally an expansion out, which I don't (yet) have.
Carcassonne 2-5 players. A particularly good game for two players, rare among boardgames which generally need at least three to be any fun. Includes mega-meeple pieces, no other expansions.
Carcassonne Discovery 2-5 players. Not as good for 2 players as regular Carcassonne, but OK for 3 or more.
Carcassonne Hunters & Gatherers 2-5 players. Not quite just "Carcassonne With Cavemen", you also have to contend with sabre-toothed tigers eating up all your deer and magic mushrooms in your forests.
Cartagena simple, fun. 2-5 players, two play modes: luck-dominant or tactical.
Citadels 2-7 players. Best with 3-5.
Colosseum 2-5 players. Best with 3-4, and is more fun if the players really get into the spirit of being a Roman impresario.
Dogfight 2-4 players. WW1 aerial combat game. It's not a game for hardcore wargamers, but it does require a little (a very little) player skill.
Dungeons & Dragons Board Game Beats me The rulebook does not make it very clear at all how to play this game.
Endeavor 3-5 players. Alas, according to the warnings on the box, you're not allowed to play this game if you're 3 years old or younger.
Family Business 2-6 players. You play an organised crime family, and have to be the last man standing.
Fearsome Floors 2-7 players. Escape the dungeon before it falls down on you.
Firefly - Shiny Dice 1-5 players, 30 minutes. It's Firefly: do jobs, get paid.
Fluxx : Pirates Card game with mutating rules and victory conditions. This version is all Piraty, arrrr!
Get Lucky 2-6 players. The card game version of Kill Dr Lucky.
Gloom 2-4 players. A card game of misery and despair. The worse you do, the better you do.
Guillotine 2-5 players. A Revolutionary Terror-themed card game in which you get points by cutting the heads off aristos (and others) of varying values.
Hey, That's My Fish 2-4 players. Very quick game of territorial control and bastardry. Just about takes longer to set up than to play.
Illuminati 2-8 players. A classic game of conspiracy and secret societies from Steve Jackson Games. The copy I have is a fairly recent re-release, prettied up from the old days, and updated to better fit in with this modern age in which we live. Plays best with at least four to six; fewer than four players doesn't really allow the dastardly backstabbing that is such a feature of the game, and with more than six the turns can get a bit drawn out.
Imhotep 2-4 players. An engine-building game with an ancient Egyptian theme.
Infernal Contraption 2-4 players. Best with 4. An excellent card-based game of bastardtrness, gloating and despair.
Jaipur 2 players. Easy and quick to learn, easy and quick to play.
Kill Dr. Lucky 2-7 players. Kind of like Cluedo, except you're all trying to be the murderer.
Kingdomino 2-4 players. A tile-matching game, a bit like dominos. Simple and fun.
Kittens In A Blender Supposedly, according to the box, 2-8 players. However, there are only four colours of kittens included, so either they're intending to include some as-yet-unpubtrshed expansion, or they mean teams of two. It's a quickie, just twenty minutes or so per game.
Love Letter: Batman 2-4 players. Love Letter is a very quick and simple game, an ideal filler, and this edition pretty much just replaces dukes and princesses and what-not with Batman and various crazed super-villains, and you collect Bat-tokens instead of love-hearts.
Manifest 2-5 players. Shipping, piracy, plague and storms at sea.
Munchkin plus expansions: Half Horse, Will Travel, The Need For Steed, Unnatural Axe, and some more that I've forgotten the name of, like monster enhancers and what-not. Many, many expansions.
Nova Luna 2-4 players. Another tile collection and arranging game, with a similar last-goes-first turn system to Patchwork. Easy to learn, but there are depths to deciding just how to arrange the tiles you've collected for best returns.
Pandemic up to 4 players. , cooperative beat-the-game game. It's good.
Pandemic Expansion: On The Brink increases to 5 players, adds PvP element (the BioTerrorist) and generally makes things harder.
Pandemic: Contagion 1-5 players. Quick, easy to learn card game. You try to be the disease that kills off the most cities of the world in the face of interference by those meddtrng kids, the World Health Organisation.
Patchwork 2 players. Try to fill up your playing board with tetris-like patchwork pieces. Empty space at game end counts against your score.
Power Grid 2-6 players. Pollute your way to ultimate victory in Germany or the USA! I've also got expansion boards for Russia, Japan, India, Austratra, Scandinavia, and the UK/Ireland, all of which change game play enough to be interesting without requiring that you learn a whole new game.
RoboRally a silly game that I'm completely useless at but nevertheless enjoy enormously.
Risk a classic. Not without its flaws, but I enjoy it nevertheless.
Risk: Godstorm Risk in the Ancient World, with gods and miracles and the Underworld and what-not. More fun, in my opinion, than classic Risk.
Scythe 2-6 players. My set includes an expansion which increases the available factions from four to six. The game board doesn't change though, so with five or six players it would get very cramped very fast.
Settlers of Catan 2-6 players (with expansion set). A real classic.
Settlers of Catan - Traders and Barbarians a bunch of variant rules and expansion pieces for Catan, including a "campaign play" system.
Settlers of Catan - Seafarers Another expansion, this time with islands, ships and a pirate.
Settlers of Catan - Star Trek 2-4 players. Pretty much the same as normal Settlers, but with a new "support card" mechanic and with starships and starbases instead of roads and towns/cities.
Sobek 2 players. A rarity, an enjoyable two-player boardgame. It's a resource collecting game with an ancient Egyptian theme.
Smallworld: Underground 2-5 players. Yet another version of Vinci with different maps and races.
Stonewall 2-4 players. Fun maze-building game. (Could possibly be expanded to 6 players by using a hex-grid board? Might be worth investigation).
Struggle For Catan a card game version of Settlers, for 1-4 players. Can be expanded to 5-6 with the use of another deck.
Thurn und Taxis 2-4 players. A route-building game, not dissimilar to Ticket to Ride, in which one builds a postal network around 17th century Germany.
Ticket to Ride Europe 2-5 players. Railway route-building game.
TransAmerica 2-6 players. This is a route-building game, trying to connect a specified group of American cities. This set includes coloured "vexation" track sections, which can be used only by the player of the appropriate colour. Usually more an annoyance than a game-winning element.
Wings of War - Famous Aces the WW1 version of the game. Plus a bunch of aircraft expansions. Just the card-based game, which I actually prefer to to model-based layouts as being easier to manage on the table (although the models are innately more cool).
Wingspan 1-5 players. An engine-building game about birds. It includes provision for solo play, if that sort of thing floats your boat.
Zombie Dice Not a board game as such, but a dice game. It's pretty simple and quick; players collect brains while trying to avoid getting their heads blown off with a shotgun. (Note: not an actual shotgun).
Zombies!!! 2-6 players. Get to da choppah! Your basic run-and-fight-and-get-your-brain-eaten game of Zombie Apocalypse Survival. The graphics on the board could do with some substantial revision; they're ambiguous and confusing, and a strghtly more stylized version would work a lot better.