GWBR12 British Infantry 1914–1915

The figures in pale trousers are officers. The base on the extreme right appears to have crept in from another set — possibly WWII British Paratroops.

Extreme close-ups revealing my terrible painting skills

GWB1 MkIV Tank (male)

An issue with basing figures but not vehicle models is that the infantry's height is artificially enhanced compared with neighbouring vehicles. That's not really a big issue when it comes to wargaming, but it needs to be taken into account if you want to model vehicles and men together for any reason — gun crews, for example.

GWB6 Whippet Medium Tank

GWB16 B-Type Lorry with 13 pounder AA

GWB21 60 pounder gun and crew

GWB8 Lanchester armoured car

GWB20 Rolls Royce armoured car

GWB10 18 pounder gun and crew