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War - it is the only way
Please don't panic, we're from the internet
Crappy photos from Tahnee LePine's Farewell Party, July 6th 2007
Crappy photos from our trip to Hanmer Springs, June 30th - July 1st 2007
Crappy photos from Lizzy Anderson's party - February 2007
1849 .44 Colt Dragoon (.swf file)
Raytraced pillbox — the turret of a 1920's land dreadnaught
The Exploding Brain of JSR (Flash 4 movie) - you will have to have the appropriate Flash viewer installed to be able to look at this work of sublime genius
A certain gentleman of my acquaintance, with a sign from God.
dzeinkopf all dressed up for GothNight, and cunningly manipulated in Photoshop
MojoBob the Southpark character
Designs for Taniwha Solutions logo
Quickie logo for