Manufacturer: Grenadier
Genre: D&D Fantasy

Comments: This is an old Grenadier figure from the mid-'80s (I think). I don't recall it actually being sold as the AD&D demon-lord Demogorgon, what with TSR being so litigation-happy back in those days, but it bears more than a passing resemblance to the illustration and description in the Monster Manual, and I've always thought of it as Demogorgon. It's roughly 65mm tall, to the top of its horn-fin-crest-thing.

Grenadier were always one of my favourite figure manufacturers, and certainly the best of the lot that were available locally (in New Zealand) in those days. Now that we have the internet, our options are substantially widened, thank goodness, but in terms of detail and casting quality, many of the old Grenadier figures stand with the best of the modern manufacturers. I certainly prefer them to most of the hideously cartoonish and overpriced garbage coming from GW.

I painted this some time ago, and just touched it up recently with some washes and a hint of dry-brushing, and re-based it on to a 30mm steel panel washer.

I've taken to basing figures on steel washers for two reasons: first, because it makes them more stable when in use, and second because I can then store them on magnetic mats, and be confident that they won't rattle around against each other and chip all their paint off.