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Pulp Resources

I will be be collecting (and creating) resource materials which might be useful for GMs and players who are campaigning in the era between the World Wars, and will post them here from time to time.

Junkers W34

Junkers W33/W34 Floatplane

The Junkers W34 was a workhorse which could be found all over the world. It was not particularly fast, but it was dependable and had a very respectable carrying capacity.

Dornier DO-X

Dornier DO-X Flying Boat

This is a two-view (plan and elevation) view of what was possibly the largest flying boat ever built, with the notable exception of Howard Hughes' famous Spruce Goose. A silhouette of the Depravo Dominatrix biplane fighter and human-sized figures are included to provide a visual scale reference.

The drawing was originally created in CorelDraw 5 and exported to SWF and PDF from CorelDraw 9.

NOTE: The link above goes to a Flash page and will therefore require the Macromedia Flash viewer to be installed; if you prefer, you can see a PDF version here.