Ardana Rei

Ardana Rei was born to an impoverished, but noble Tarshite family of long lineage, after the Lunar conquest of Tarsh. Surprisingly, she harbours no resentment against the Lunar Empire - if anythng, she is an enthusiastic imperial citizen, since the religion of the Red Goddess suits her personal "live and let live" attitude and Lunar culture has made it easier for many people to live together than the old ways. She also points out that the Lunar Empire has brought peace - at least within its borders - for generations.

Ardana is a member of the Seven Mothers cult with a particular fondness for Yanafal Tarnis and like many initiates of that cult she practices with her scimitars daily.

In search of excitement and money, she travelled to Prax, on the borders of the Empire, but has found that contrary to her expectations there has been little excitement, no plunder and no society. More, the city is filled with Orlanthi barbarians, who Ardana regards as certain trouble-makers and probable rebels. Worse still, she rejected the advances of Kalt No-face, who she has now found out is an important official in the Black Army - the Lunar Secret Police. And he doesn't like rejection.

Ardana is therefore looking for a way to drop out of sight, and make a little money. Perhaps it's time to try her hand at adventuring...

Ardana Rei dresses well, when she can afford it, and keeps her head shaved, except for a tall topknot, which she ususally wears confined with brass rings. She has the waxing moon and horns symbol tattooed on her forehead. Though not large, she is wiry and quick, and stronger than she looks.


Powers and skills, etc
3FAM: Common Melee weapons, Bow
6+2 CSL with swords
6+2 CSL with Bows
3Climbing 11-
1Riding 8-
1Conversation (fast talk) 8-
1Oratory 8-
1PS: Estimate worth (Evaluate) 8-
1Paramedics (First aid) 8-
1Stealth 8-
1Concealment 8-
3Power skill: Rune magic, 12-
1Power skill: ceremony, 8-
4Languages: Lunar (Native, literate), Praxian (basic conversation), Trade (basic conversation, literate)
10Rune magic Multipower. 30 point reserve, all spells are ultra slots and take: Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge, continuing, 5 minutes, (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2).
1Bladesharp 2: +6 CSL with edged weapons: CSL are set (-1/4): gives +2 OCV, and 4 levels to add 2 damage classes. Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge, continuing, 5 minutes, (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2)
1Glamour: 1d6 Aid to COM and PRE (Standard effect, 3 points, split 1:2 respectively), +10 points (total +10 COM, +10 PRE), return delayed 5 min (+1/2), Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 recoverable continuing charge lasting 5 minutes, (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2).
1Heal 2: 2d6 healing, species outher than the caster have half effect (-1/2), Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2).
28Divine magic: Madness. 6d6 Transformation (Mind: Person into insane person, heals back normally), BOECV (+1), works versus EGO not BOD (+1/4), Consumes POW (-1/2), limited Range (-1/4), 1 recoverable charge, difficult to recover (-2), gestures and incantations (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2).
86Powers total
157Total character cost

20Hunted (8-) Black Army, more powerful, NCI
10Watched (8-) Seven Mothers Cult, MoPo, NCI
15Psychological limit : Impulsive (common, moderate)
15Psychological limit : Open, friendly, thinks the best of people (common, moderate)
10Distinctive appearance (shaven head, Lunar cult Tattoos, extreme reaction by Orlanthi, concealable)


2 scimitars

Armour: chain mail and helm

Composite Bow + 20 arrows

189 silver pennies

Leather bracers with spell foci (runes) painted on

Small leather target shield (+1 DCV)

Backpack and waterskin

Riding Zebra and tack


1 set decent clothes