Terak was bought to Prax as a boy by a band of Storm Bull cultists, after the destruction of his village by a chaos band, and grew up around the temple. He developed into a strapping man, a little taller and far broader than most. Spending time with Storm Bull cultists as he grew up, not surprisingly he learned the use of weapons and is developing into a capable warrior.

However, despite his origin and upbringing, he has not become an initiate, as most people assumed he would, remaining a lay member of the cult.

Since reaching manhood, he has kicked around Prax, earning his living in a variety of ways. he has been (once) into the Big Rubble, emerging with a little loot as the only survivor of his group. He has worked as a guard on caravans in and out of Prax a few times and spent a short time as a mercenary with the Lunar forces.

Terak has no close friends, but those who know him often describe him as "brooding". He is not a genial person, and his sense of humor (when revealed) tends to be fairly bitter. Despite his appearance, he is no fool, and is not - as many Storm Bull cultists are - particularly aggressive or argumentative.

Terak looks as strong as a bull, with bulging pectorals and biceps, and a handsome, if slightly brutal, appearance that many women seem to find appealing. If anything, he is even stronger than he looks. He wears the runes for mastery, luck and fate on his face, with the runes for death and disorder on his biceps. In other words, he's a real barbarian's barbarian.


Powers and skills, etc
4FAM: Common Melee weapons, Common Missile Weapons
6+2 CSL with thrown objects
5+1 CL with HTH combat
2+1 OCV with Bow
3Climbing 13-
1Riding 8-
1KS: Animal (Animal Lore) 8-
1Paramedics (First aid) 8-
3Concealment 13-
3Sleight of hand 13-
6+3 to Sight PER rolls

5Power skill: Rune magic, 14-
1Power skill: ceremony, 8-
2Languages: Trade talk (basic conversation), Praxian (native)
10Rune magic Multipower. 30 point reserve, all spells are ultra slots and take: Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge, continuing, 5 minutes, (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2).
1Bladesharp 2: +6 CSL with edged weapons: CSL are set (-1/4): gives +2 OCV, and 4 levels to add 2 damage classes. Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge, continuing, 5 minutes, (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2)
1Heal 2: 2d6 healing, species outher than the caster have half effect (-1/2), Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 recoverable charge (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2).
1Protection 3: 3 PD/ED force field, usable by up to 8 others at range (+1 1/2), Consumes POW (-1/2), requires a magic Roll (-1/2), 1 continuing (5 minutes) recoverable charge, (-1/2), requires Runes (-1/2).
56Powers total
146Total character cost

20Watched (8-) anti-chaos cultists, more powerful, NCI
20Psychological limit : Secretive and uncommunicative (common, strong)
15Psychological limit : Arrogant and uncaring - thinks he is better than normal people (common, moderate)
15Secret ID (half-ogre)
5Berserk in presence of sites or objects sacred to Cacodemon (uncommon, 8-/14-)


Bastard sword

Great Hammer

Armour: Cuirboullli breastplate and bracers/greaves, Bronze helmet

Long Bow + 20 arrows

24 silver pennies

Round wooden shield (+4 DCV)

Backpack and waterskin


1 set rough clothes

Notes for the gamesmaster ONLY. Terak's History as laid out above is mostly fake. He WAS bought to Prax by Storm Bull cultists as noted, but he is in fact a half-Ogre - his parents were part of the Chaos band that had destroyed the village. Terak escaped the slaughter of the Chaos band when it was ambushed the Storm Bulls, by hiding and then pretending to be a captive from the destroyed village. He knows now that Storm Bulls can't detect Ogres, but he is still afraid of having the chaos streak in him discovered, which is why he hasn't joined the cult, despite some mild pressure.

Although he keeps a pretty low profile, Terak is secretly proud of being an ogre. He regards himself as stronger, faster, smarter and better looking than "normal" humans and feels sure he is destined for great things, even if he doesn't know exactly what yet. His contempt for the "normals" around him occasionally escapes in his sarcastic sense of humour. Interestingly, Terak is not particularly interested in seeking out chaos cults, or bitter towards Storm Bull for his parent's death. He sees life as strictly every man for himself - if the weak can't look after themselves, that's their problem. In addition, he has learned from cult warriors that places and objects sacred to Cacodemon can reveal Ogres (by bringing their chaos nature to the surface) which adds to his distruct of chaos-related things.

His quiet nature, which some people put down to a mild temper, is in fact a product of his isolated upbringing, and his essential selfishness. He feels that he is surrounded by enemies, and so takes care not to draw attention to himself. Additionally, he doesn't care too much what other people think of him - after all, they are only "normals". However, if he is sure he can get away with it he can be brutal enough. That's why he is thinking of joining an adventuring band - it will give him more freedom, and maybe a group from which to build some power.