Magic — Power Level

Magic is split into two basic types: first, Combat Magic which is of relatively low power and can be cast quickly, and second, Ritual Magic which is capable of considerably greater power, but which takes a long time to cast.

Combat Magic

Any spell designed for speedy casting (½ Phase to 1 Turn) and attack or defence falls into this category. Combat Magic has an absolute maximum power level of 60 Active Points.

Spells of up to 15 Active Points may be built without modification, according to the rules and restrictions laid out elsewhere.

For each additional 15 Active Points (or part thereof) a level of Increased END must be applied. In other words, a spell of 16-30 Active Points will cost x2 Mana to cast, 31-45 Active Points will cost x3 Mana, 46-60 Active Points will cost x4 Mana.

Note that applying Advantages to a power, like Autofire or Area Effect for example, will reduce the actual damage it is possible to do with 60 Active Points.

Ritual Magic

Any spell over 60 Active Points must take Extra Time, beginning at the 10-Minute level.

Each block of 60 Active Points will increase the casting time by at least one level on the Time Chart.