The Adventures of Sir Fnord the Well-Beloved

The Old Diaries

Reconstructed from fragmentary handwritten notes, these diaries cover some of Sir Fnord's earlier adventures from the mid 1980s onwards (with Annette as GM). The campaign was run in AD&D; it was a lot of fun, but then we didn't know any better.

The Slightly Less Old Diaries

From the late 1990s, using the 4th edition of the Hero System

The Slightly Less-Old-Still Diaries

From about 2000-2001, when Fnord was converted (briefly) to D&D3e.

The New Diaries

In which Fnord is back in the warm embrace of the Hero System — the 5th edition, this time.

  1. To the Elf-King's Moot
  2. The Moot and Afterwards