Mephisto's Spells

END CostMagic RollSpell NameActive Cost
1 -1 Alarm 6
1 -1 Alter Voice 13
2 -2 Blur Spell 20
3 -3 Dancing Flames 27
1 -1 Darklight's Illusion of Taste 5
3 -3 Decay 30
3 -3 Deceive the Senses 28
2 -2 Dispel Magic 22
5 -6 Displacement 57
1 -4 Feign Death 42
1 -1 Fool's Gold 10
1 -3 Glamor 32
5 -5 Group Invisibility 50
12 -12 Illusion 120
1 -1 Lighten Burden 9
7 -8 Lunatic 75
7 -8 Persuade 75
2 -2 Quick Run 20
2 -3 Quickening 25
2 -6 Shrinking Spell 62
9 -10 Wall of Garbage 97
8 -8 Warpspasm 80
3 -4 Will O The Wisp 35
Total Active Points: 940 points
ENDMagic RollSpell DescriptionDefinitionActive Cost
1 -1 Alarm (Range: 30")
The caster sets up a field of vibrations that senses intruders and screams out warning. It can be cast on a door, a tunnel, etc. It is a favorite way for individual wizards to "set watch" on long journeys.
Hearing Group Images 1" radius, Trigger (Activating the Trigger is an Action that takes no time, Trigger requires a Turn or more to reset; +¼) (6 Active Points); Limited Power Only to sound an alarm (-1) 6
1 -1 Alter Voice
This spell allows the Caster to change his own voice so that he sounds like a completely different person. The voice change is very difficult to detect, even when impersonating somebody known to observers. The Caster must have previously heard a voice in order to mimic the sound.
(Total: 13 Active Cost, 11 Real Cost) Mimicry 11- (3 Active Points); Limited Power Only to change voice (-½), Costs Endurance (-½), Gestures (-¼) (Real Cost: 1) plus +5 with Mimicry Roll (Real Cost: 10) 13
2 -2 Blur Spell
An illusion is cast over the mage's image, blurring his actual position, making him very hard to hit in combat.
+4 with DCV (20 Active Points); Costs Endurance (-½), Gestures (-¼), Incantations (-¼) 20
3 -3 Dancing Flames (Range: 135")
This is a non combat spell, used by wizards to impress or entertain. With this spell, a skillful wizard can tell a story or set a scene. Of course, less reputable wizards can use the spell to hide themselves in swirling flames.
Sight and Touch Groups Images 1" radius, +/-4 to PER Rolls (27 Active Points); Set Effect (Flames; -1), Will not work in rain or underwater (-¼) 27
1 -1 Darklight's Illusion of Taste (Range: 25")
This spell creates the culinary illusion that the meal being eaten is very tasty indeed. The nature of the taste mimicked is up to the caster, so a nasty taste could be simulated, but in practice this is rarely done. The texture of the food is not changed much, either, so the taste must be logically connected somehow. If this spell is used to mask poison, the person eating gets a PER roll to notice the taste of the poison.
Smell/Taste Group Images 1" radius (5 Active Points); Target gets a PER Roll if spell is used to mask poison (-½) 5
3 -3 Decay (Range: 150")
This spell will make an area appear to be suffering from lack of use and proper upkeep. Surfaces will be covered in dust and dirt, cobwebs will hang from corners, walls and ceilings will appear to be crumbling, tools will look corroded or broken, and so on. Although this spell will hide visual signs of recent passage through the area, it will not prevent tracking by scent.
Sight and Touch Groups Images Increased Size (2" radius; +¼), 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Day (+¼), Uncontrolled (+½) (30 Active Points); Set Effect (only to make an area look abandoned and decayed; -1), Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -¼) 30
3 -3 Deceive the Senses (Range: 140")
Through the use of this spell a mage can make people see and hear what is not there. To cast it the mage need only visualize what he wishes people to see.
Hearing Group and Normal Sight Images 1" radius, +/-6 to PER Rolls 28
2 -2 Dispel Magic (Range: 110")
When this spell contacts any target bearing some form of dweomer, it will attempt to remove it. Magic items that are quenched by this spell lose their power permanently.
Dispel 6d6, any magic power one at a time (+¼) (22 Active Points) 22
5 -6 Displacement
Upon casting this spell, the Wizard becomes invisible to both sight and sound, and his form is replaced by a matching image. The image remains within 4" of the Wizard, and exactly matches his motions and sounds. If the Wizard fails his Magic Skill roll (if skill rolls are used), the spell still functions but the Wizard also suffers any effects inflicted upon the displaced image. The image has 0 DEF and is ½ DCV of the caster, unless the Wizard concentrates on avoiding blows to his duplicate image.
(Total: 57 Active Cost, 24 Real Cost) Invisibility to Sight and Hearing Groups , No Fringe (35 Active Points); Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (wizard suffers same effects as the image; -1) (Real Cost: 17) plus Sight and Hearing Groups Images Increased Size (4" radius; +½) (22 Active Points); Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (wizard suffers same effects as the image; -1), Linked (Invisibility; -½), Only to match sights and sounds of caster (-½) (Real Cost: 7) 57
1 -4 Feign Death
The mystical self control of the Caster allows him to slow down his bodily functions to the point where he appears dead. This inactive condition allows him to survive without air for hours at a time. However, the Caster must retain total concentration and pay the END cost for as long as he maintains this power.
(Total: 42 Active Cost, 23 Real Cost) Invisibility to Mental Group and Detect Life , No Fringe, Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼) (29 Active Points); Concentration, Must Concentrate throughout use of Constant Power (0 DCV; Trance; -1) (Real Cost: 14) plus Life Support (Self-Contained Breathing; Sleeping: Character does not sleep) (13 Active Points); Linked (Invisibility; -½) (Real Cost: 9) 42
1 -1 Fool's Gold (Range: 50")
This spell is the reason all respectable mercantile establishments keep a "change table" onto which all coins are tossed before the seller will pick them up. This table topped with cold iron, and will cause coins altered with this spell to revert to their original form
Cosmetic Transform 2d6 (any coins to gold coins, Touch of cold iron) (10 Active Points); Coins revert to their original form after one hour (-1) 10
1 -3 Glamor (Range: 160")
It is common for a spellcaster to completely alter the appearance of himself and his surroundings. Glamor is one of the most useful and one of the most powerful spells available for this. The only weakness of Glamor is that illusory substances have no taste, and illusory surfaces have no texture or temperature.
Sight Group, Normal Hearing and Normal Smell Images Increased Size (8" radius; +¾), Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼) (32 Active Points); Limited Effect Normal Sight (-¼) 32
5 -5 Group Invisibility
This spell allows the caster to make up to 16 people invisible to sight, including the Illusionist. The invisibility remains in effect as long as the targets remain within sight of the Illusionist, (or within sight if they would be able to see him or her without the invisibility).
Invisibility to Sight Group , Usable Simultaneously (up to 32 people at once; +1 ½) (50 Active Points); Conditional Power cancelled if target moves out of line of sight of caster's position (-¼) 50
12 -12 Illusion (Range: LOS)
This spell represents your basic high-powered illusion. It can be anything, and affects everyone within an 8" radius. Why, you might ask, don't all illusionists just take this spell? After all, it can do everything, or at least almost everything, that the rest of the spells of this type can do. The reason is simple. It's hard to cast and uses gargantuan amounts of END. Only true masters can learn and successfully cast this spell.
Mental Illusions 12d6, Area Of Effect (6" Radius; +1) (120 Active Points) 120
1 -1 Lighten Burden
This spell is a favorite of traveling Wizards forced through choice or circumstances to journey on foot. Upon casting this spell, the pack of the Wizard, along with a total of 50kg in contents, will become virtually weightless.
Telekinesis (6 STR), 1 Continuing Charge lasting 6 Hours (+0) (9 Active Points); Only to lighten the backpack and its contents (-1), OAF Expendable (Easy to obtain new Focus; a feather; -1), No Range (-½), Affects Whole Object (-¼), Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -¼) 9
7 -8 Lunatic (Range: LOS)
This spell causes the target to go berserk (as per the Character Disadvantage), attacking the nearest target(s). The spell will only function during the week of a full moon.
Mind Control 12d6 (Sentient class of minds), Telepathic (+¼) (75 Active Points); OAF Expendable (Extremely Difficult to obtain new Focus; Crumbled flowers of the black lotus; -2), Window Of Opportunity (once per Month; window remains open for 1 Week; during the week of the full moon; -1 ¾), Set Effect (only to cause target to go berserk; -½), Gestures (-¼), Incantations (-¼), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-¼) 75
7 -8 Persuade (Range: LOS)
This spell enables the caster to persuade the target of just about anything. He can persuade a guard to open a door, a merchant that his goods are only worth half of what they are actually worth, or a diplomat that it isn't such a good idea to declare war on his nation. The caster must roll the target's EGO +20 in order for the target to think that the ideas suggested were his own.
Mind Control 10d6, Invisible Power Effects (Fully Invisible; +½) (75 Active Points); Custom Modifier (Target must engage in conversation ; -1 ½), Extra Time (1 Minute, -1 ½) 75
2 -2 Quick Run
When this spell is cast, the caster's legs gain tremendous speed.
Running 10" 20
2 -3 Quickening
This unusual spell allows the caster to absorb the energy of physical attacks against him and use it to move more quickly (by raising his Dexterity). When this spell is in effect, the caster faintly glows silver; when he is struck, there is a flash of white light.
Absorption 5d6 (physical, Dexterity) (25 Active Points); Costs Endurance (-½), Visible (-¼), Incantations (-¼) 25
2 -6 Shrinking Spell
This spell causes the caster to shrink to the size of an apple. This makes the caster harder to hit, but much weaker. Like Growth, it takes the caster a full Turn to cause his body to change in size, and it takes considerable effort to remain shrunk.
Shrinking (0.0625 m tall, 0.0031 kg mass, -10 PER Rolls to perceive character, +10 DCV, takes +15" KB), Reduced Endurance (½ END; +¼) (62 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), -1 ¼), Custom Modifier (Caster's Strength is reduced by 25; -½) 62
9 -10 Wall of Garbage
Trash arrives from every direction, accumulating into a huge pile of disgusting garbage. This barrier can be penetrated with sufficient time, but passers-by are certainly not going to be impressed with your activities.
(Total: 97 Active Cost, 34 Real Cost) Entangle 2d6, 0 DEF (Stops A Given Sense Group Sight Group), Sticky (+½), Area Of Effect (5" Any Area; +1) (75 Active Points); No Defense (-1 ½), Gradual Effect (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12); -¼) (Real Cost: 27) plus Drain COM 1d6, Delayed Return Rate (points return at the rate of 5 per 6 Hours; +1 ¼) (22 Active Points); Custom Modifier (No effect if already filthy or wearing cleaning gear; -1), Linked (Entangle; -½), Custom Modifier (Recover COM by cleaning ; -½), Gradual Effect (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12); -¼) (Real Cost: 7) 97
8 -8 Warpspasm (Range: 400")
This spell is popular with battle sorcerors - especially those from more savage cultures - since it turns the caster into a berserk, almost unstoppable, fighting machine. It has the serious drawback that the caster will fight with no regard for his own life (or the lives of others around him) and that his spellcasting abilities are temporarily lost. The caster gains the new powers Growth (5 points, always on), and 50% damage resistance (Resistant, Physical and Energy). The points to pay for these come from the caster's spell powers, which are lost and also from the addition of the temporary disadvantage Berserk (when spell cast 14-, recover 8-, for 35 points). If that is still not enough, skills are lost (KS, PS and AK first, then non-combat skills, then finally combat skills) as the caster's rage overwhelms his mind. If there are no targets to vent his rage on, the berserk mage will break anything around him, burning up STUN in lieu of END, once all his END is gone, until he falls unconscious. The transformation is cancelled once the caster becomes unconscious, or he breaks out of his Berserk.
Minor Transform 8d6 (Caster into Berserk Warrior) (80 Active Points); Custom Modifier (Self Only; -½) 80
3 -4 Will O The Wisp
A light can be seen bobbing in the darkness, not too far away. Is it a lantern or a torch, or something else? The target can't exactly tell, but a little voice in his head will beckon him to follow... and the wizard can lead his target anywhere he likes.
(Total: 35 Active Cost, 21 Real Cost) Mind Control 4d6 (Human class of minds), Telepathic (+¼) (25 Active Points); Set Effect (Follow; -½) (Real Cost: 17) plus Sight Group Images 1" radius (10 Active Points); Custom Modifier (dancing light only; -1), Linked (Mind Control; -½) (Real Cost: 4) 35