Character Creation Information for Fitz's Campaign

This campaign is run using the HERO (5th Ed.) Roleplaying System.

Character Power Level


Players intending to create magic-using characters should read the Magic System guidelines carefully. Bear in mind the skill-level shown limitations above.

Magic items for beginning characters must be paid for with Character Points, and are subject to the approval of the GM. They must be made Independent, except with GM approval (which will almost never be forthcoming, so you'd better have a good justification ready).

Character Race

For the moment, all new characters must be Human. (That may change in the future, depending on how the campaign progresses.)

You will need to give your character a nationality, since this will affect your native language (which you get for free) and your Everyman skills. I'm not particularly concerned about just which nationalities characters can have; if you want to play a cannibal tribesman from Borneo, that's fine, but bear in mind that at present the campaign is based in and around Northern Europe, so you'll have to have a decent back-story to explain how the hell you ended up there.


Do NOT create a character who is a loner by nature. This whole campaign is built around a character party; if you don't feel like playing cooperatively, find another campaign. Angst-ridden surly loner characters with a grudge against the universe are just a pain in the arse for everyone, and I feel like having fun with my roleplaying.

Come to think of it, people who are like that in Real Life are also a pain in the arse for everyone.