The North-West

The Little Sisters of Carnage

The Arms of the Order
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The Little Sisters of Carnage are a long-established militant religious order. The heart of the cult is far to the north, housed in a great fortified preceptory at the head of a steep valley between two arms of the mountains, near the point where the River Donn has its genesis, though there are Chapter Houses in most cities of any size.

The Sisters observe the usual forms of respect to all the usual gods, but their primary worship is given to a mysterious goddess whose name and aspect they do not reveal to any outside the cult; if they refer to her at all outside the walls of the sanctuary, she is simply called "Big Sister" or "the Maiden". The head of the order is called Mother, and in formal communication the Sisters refer to each other as Elder Sister, Younger Sister or just Sister (depending on relative rank). The Sister at the head of each Chapter House is given the title of Matron.

The Little Sisters had their beginnings as a nursing order working to heal the wounds inflicted in battle, but they long ago realised (after a series of unsavoury and sometimes fatal incidents) that could not rely on others — men, specifically — for protection while doing their work among the battlefields. They began to train and arm themselves as their own bodyguards, with considerable aid from the famed Beillici, aid the Sisterhood has not forgotten. They have become quite efficient at looking after themselves and their charges, and as well as ministering to the sick and wounded they now often act in a protective role, patrolling city streets and ensuring that the balance of power between the sexes is skewed a little less in favour of the hairier gender.

They admit no males to their ranks in any capacity and do not marry (men or women), but they are not a celibate order and many Sisters enjoy casual or long-lasting liasons with them (outside the walls of the Chapter Houses, of course). Males are permitted within the walls of the Sisterhood only in very limited circumstances; most commonly as patients in their hospitals, but also occasionally where special skills are required and not available among the Sisters themselves. The Chapter Houses are thus often used as places of refuge by women with a pressing need to be somewhere men can't get at them.

The Little Sisters of Carnage make no official distinction when it comes to healing the wounded. They will give as much care and attention to the wounds of someone who had been trying to kill them as they will to their allies — though if they sometimes tend to their friends first, we perhaps shouldn't be surprised.