Magic rings appear indistinguishable from ordinary finger jewellery of varying types, though a detect magic spell cast upon them will cause them to radiate a magic aura. With the exception of a wish spell, the only way to determine the function of a magic ring is to put it on. A maximum of two rings can be worn by any PC or NPC at a time; only one ring may be worn per hand. Attempting to wear additional magic rings will render all worn magical rings useless. Magic rings worn on toes or as earrings will not function. Unless noted otherwise, the abilities a ring grants function as if cast by a 12th level spell caster, or the minimum level required to cast the spell if greater than 12th. Because of the innate magical resistance of dwarfs, gnomes, and halflings; magic rings have a 20% chance per use of not working at all and, if cursed, the curse will fail. In such a case the wearer recognises the cursed properties of the ring and can easily remove it from his or her finger.

Ring of Charisma (any)

When worn, this ring increases the wearer’s charisma ability score to 18. Note this is not a permanent increase; if the ring is removed the wearer’s charisma returns to its normal value. This magical ring also bestows two spell-like abilities, each usable once per day and requiring 3 segments of casting time. First, during the course of conversation the wearer can make a suggestion, as per the 3rd level magic user spell, to any human or demi-human or humanoid. Second, the wearer of the ring of charisma can also charm up to 21 levels/hit dice or humans or humanoids as per the 1st level magic user spell charm person. This is an exceptionally powerful item and the GM may wish to limit the ring of charisma by giving it a limited number of charges.

Ring of Feather Falling (any)

The wearer of this ring is protected by a feather fall spell any time he or she falls more than 5 ft.

Ring of Fire Resistance (any)

This ring grants immunity to normal fires such as torches or flaming oil. Very hot fires such as molten lava or hell hound breath inflict only 1 hp of damage per segment, and even then only if the wearer is directly touching or targeted by such. Exceptionally hot fires such as red dragon breath or fireballs inflict -2 points of damage per die (but always inflict at least 1 point of damage) and saving throws are rolled at +4. The following rule of thumb should assist with determining damage reduction: "very hot" fires inflict up to 24 points of maximum damage, “exceptionally hot” fires cause 25 or more points of maximum damage.

Ring of Free Action (any)

This magic item permits the wearer to move freely under any conditions. This applies even if the wearer is attacked by a hold person, slow, or web spell; and also negates environmental effects such as the individual being underwater. The individual can move at normal movement rates and do full damage with melee weapons, though missile and hurled weapons will be subject to the spell or environmental effects as appropriate. Though the ring of free action grants freedom of movement underwater, it should be noted the ring does not grant the ability to breathe underwater.

Ring of Genie Summoning (any)

This powerful magic ring can call a mighty genie from the Elemental Plane of Air to do the wearer’s bidding. The genie takes 1 round to appear and will follow the letter (not necessarily the spirit) of the wearer’s command to the best of its ability. If the genie is killed the ring crumbles into dust. This is an exceptionally powerful item and the GM may wish to limit the ring of genie summoning by giving it a limited number of charges.

Ring of Invisibility (any)

When donned, this ring grants the wearer the ability to become instantly invisible at will as per the 2nd level magic user spell. There is a 10% chance the ring has the secondary effect of making the user inaudible as well. Just as attacking while invisible negates invisibility, so does speaking while inaudible break the inaudibility feature.

Ring of Protection (any)

This useful item increases the wearer’s AC and saving throw vs all forms of attack. The protective properties of the ring are cumulative with other forms of protection (bless, for instance) subject to the following limitations: if magic armour is worn the wearer’s AC will not be increased, though the saving throw bonus will still apply. Also, only one ring of protection may be worn at a time. If two are worn, the stronger of the two will function. Various types of rings of protection are listed below, with dice throws to determine type randomly if the GM desires.

d% Result Value (gp)
01-68 +1 2,000
69-70 +1, 5 ft radius* 6,000
71-92 +2 8,000
93 +2, 5 ft radius* 14,000
94-97 +3 18,000
98 +3, 5 ft radius* 24,000
99 +4 AC, +1 saving throw 32,000
00 +5 AC, +1 saving throw 50,000

*Saving throw bonus only extends to all creatures within 5 ft radius of wearer, only the ring bearer gains the AC bonus.

Ring of Regeneration (any)

Wearing this ring allows the user to regenerate 1 hp per turn, regrow lost limbs and organs, and even return from the dead with no constitution penalty or roll. If the cause of death was due to poison, however, the poison will need to be neutralised or a saving throw made or the wearer will die again. One should note only damage accumulated while wearing the ring can be healed by the ring’s power. Removing the ring of regeneration will naturally result in the cessation of the healing process. 10% of these rings (91-100 on d%) are a special type, called rings of vampiric regeneration. Vampiric rings do not regenerate any hp per turn, but will bestow half value of all damage (rounded down) inflicted upon one’s opponents in hand to hand combat to the wearer of the ring.

For example: If the fighter Grabbo the Lusty inflicts 11 points of damage with his longsword upon his hobgoblin opponent while wearing a ring of vampiric regeneration, up to 5 hit points of Grabbo’s damage will be immediately healed. This process works only with melee weapons; the ring cannot use damage caused by missile fire, hurled weapons, or spells. Note that neither type of this ring can increase the wearer’s hp beyond the normal total.

Ring of Spell Storing (any)

A ring that can magically store 2-5 spells and grants the wearer the ability to cast them as if he or she were a spell caster of the required type. Casting a spell from the ring requires 5 segments. Roll d%, a roll of 01-70 means the ring stores magic user spells and 71-00 indicates clerical spells. 10% of magic user rings of spell storing will contain illusionist spells instead, and 25% of clerical rings of spell storing will contain druid spells instead. Roll 2d4 to determine number of spells the ring can contain. To randomly determine the spell levels of each spell, roll 1d6 (on a result of 6 reroll for level with 1d4) for cleric, druid or illusionist spells, and 1d8 (on a result of 8 reroll for level with 1d6) for magic user spells. Once type, number, and level of spells is determined, the GM must decide which spells the ring contains. The spells can either be hand-picked or the GM may use the OSRIC magic tables and dice for spells randomly. Once the class of spells, their number and level, and the exact spells to be stored are determined, that capability can never be changed. Charging the ring requires a spell caster to cast the specific spell to be stored with the ring as the target of the spell.

Example of Ring of Spell Storing Creation: Jerry the GM decides to place a ring of spell storing in a red dragon’s treasure hoard. He rolls a 57 on d%, indicating the ring contains magic user spells. A second d% roll yields a 05 and this means the ring really contains spells of the illusionist class. Jerry now rolls 2d4 and gets 1 on both dice, meaning the ring will contain 2 spells total. Jerry now rolls 1d6 twice, one for each spell to determine the level of that spell. The first result is a 2, the second is a 6. The 6 needs to be rerolled on a 1d4 and rolling that die generates a result of 4. So, the GM now knows the ring will hold 2 illusionist spells, one of level 2 and one of level 4. Jerry decides to let fate take a hand in the selection of the exact spells the ring stores and takes a look at the illusionist spell tables in the OSRIC manual. There are 12 level 2 illusionist spells, and 8 level 4 spells, so Jerry grabs a d12 and a d8 and rolls them both. The d12 rolls a 4 so Jerry notes the result of detect magic. The d8 rolls an 8 and Jerry notes the result of shadow monsters. Now that the exact properties of the ring of spell storing have been determined, they can never be changed; the ring will ever after only hold the two illusionist spells noted. If the finder of the ring uses it to cast a detect magic spell, then an illusionist must cast a detect magic upon the ring to recharge that spell slot.

Ring of Spell Turning (any)

This magic ring creates a powerful magic aura around the wearer that will partially reflect any spells cast at him or her back onto the spell caster. There are three exceptions to the spell turning ability the ring bestows:

When a spell is cast at the wearer of the ring of spell turning, he or she rolls a d10 and multiplies the result by 10. When damage from the spell attack is determined, the number generated by this roll indicates what percentage of the damage is reflected back upon the attacker. Thus if "6" appears on the d10, 60% of the damage rolled would be deducted from the attacking spell-caster’s hit points and 40% from the target. Further, for each 10% of difference between the damage percentage rolled and 100%, the ring-bearer gains +1 to his or her saving throw. Going back to the example above, the spell’s target would get a +6 to his or her saving throw and the spell caster would gain a +4.

The ring of spell turning also grants a saving throw against spells which normally do not allow one. In such a case, the save will be half of the percentage die roll for spell reflection. Returning once again to the example above, the ring wearer rolling a 60% chance of reflecting an attacking spell would gain a 30% saving throw, reducing or negating effects as appropriate to the spell.

Spells that only affect a certain number of levels must be able to affect the target’s and caster’s levels combined, otherwise the spell has no effect on either party. If the ring’s wearer wishes to receive the effects of a targeted spell, he or she must first remove the ring. (Healing spells are exempt, since they are touch-based.) If both caster and target are wearing rings of spell turning, roll d% and consult the table below.

d% Result
01-70 Spell fails completely, no effect on target or caster
71-80 Spell takes full effect on both target and caster
81-97 Spell fails and both rings are destroyed
98-00 A rift into the Positive Material Plane opens, both target and caster are sucked in

Ring of Swimming (any)

This magic jewellery bestows the ability to swim at a movement rate of 210 ft, if the wearer is clad in appropriate garments. The wearer can also dive up to 50 ft into the water without injury, assuming a water depth of 1½ ft for every 10 ft of diving distance. The wearer may hold his or her breath for 4 rounds, and can swim for up to 4 hours before needing an hour of rest. This rest can be gained while floating, since the ring also grants the ability to stay afloat under all but hurricane conditions.

Ring of Telekinesis (any)

Allows the wearer to use telekinesis, similar to the 5th level magic user spell, with a 1 segment casting time. The ring comes in five different strengths; roll d% and consult the table below. This is a very powerful item and the GM may wish to give the ring of telekinesis a limited number of charges.

d%Maximum weight in lbs

Ring of Three Wishes (any)

This rare and powerful magic ring grants the wearer 3 wishes, as per the 9th level magic user spell. On a roll of 01-25 on d% the ring will instead contain 3 limited wish spells as per the 7th level magic user spell of the same name.

Ring of Warmth (any)

The wearer will be completely comfortable and can maintain normal body temperature even in conditions of extreme cold. The ring also grants the ability to regenerate cold based damage at a rate of 1 hp per turn, grants a +2 to all saving throws vs cold based attacks, and reduces damage from cold based attacks by -1 per die (minimum damage of 1 point per die).

Ring of Water Walking (any)

This ring grants the ability to walk upon the surface of any liquid without sinking into it at the wearer’s normal rate of movement. This includes but is not limited to running water, snow, quicksand, oil, mud, or even lava (though heat damage would still apply). The wearer’s feet do not actually contact the surface of the liquid but semi-solid liquids such as snow or mud will show vaguely footprint-like depressions evidencing the wearer’s passing. The ring has a weight limit of 1,250 lbs.

Ring of Wizardry (M)

This ring is only of benefit to magic users, doubling the number of spells of a certain level they can prepare each day. There are several known versions; roll d% and consult the table below.

d% Level(s) doubled
01-45 1st level
46-75 2nd level
76-82 3rd level
83-88 1st and 2nd level
89-92 4th level
93-95 5th level
96-99 1st , 2nd, and 3rd level
00 4th and 5th level