Although potions can be found in a variety of containers, including glass, ceramic, or metal flasks, most contain only one dose that imbues their potion’s particular effects for one individual. Most potions bear no label and require a small amount to be sampled in order to attempt to identify the potion type. This is not without error, and potions of the same type may differ in their aroma or taste depending on how they were made.

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Potions take effect 1d4+1 rounds after ingestion/application.

Even if doses of the same potion are drunk by the same person, the onset time is still random. That's magic for you.

As a standard rule, potions take effect 1d4+1 segments after consumption, and last for 1d4 turns. This principle is superseded where the specific potion description indicates otherwise. Potions can normally be consumed in half doses, so that half the potion is consumed and operates for half the duration.

The creation of potions requires the joint efforts of magic users and alchemists unless the magic user is over 11th level. A sample of the potion to be created must be obtained at some point in order to learn the formula for the particular potion.

Admixture of Potions

Magic potions store a great deal of eldritch energy and, as any alchemist or mage can attest, require a lot of careful preparation. The random admixture of potions can have unpredictable results and only the foolish or desperate will undertake such an action. Admixture of two or more potions has occurred when the liquid of one potion is mixed with that of another, or a potion is consumed while a previously consumed potion remains in effect. The former is considered an external admixture and the latter an internal one.

Presented here for the GM’s consideration are a set of guidelines for handling these situations. A particularly industrious referee might wish to map out a complete matrix of effects to be used any time a potion is mixed with another. While this would be of use, the matrices would have to be updated with each introduction of a new potion. Additionally, the different formulations of a potion are not accounted for in such a matrix. OSRIC uses a set of guidelines combined with a random table to achieve a similar result with far less effort, as follows:

Mixing a potion of clairaudience or clairvoyance with any other potion will stun anyone drinking the potion for 1d4 days, due to massive sensory overload from uncontrolled telepathic input. The individual must be closely observed during this period to prevent harm to themselves or to others. An admixture containing a potion of longevity as an ingredient will act as a slow spell upon the imbiber for 1 hour. A potion of polymorph admixture always yields a poison of strongest toxicity and the person drinking it must save at -4 or die. A potion of delusion admixed with any other potion will always produce a potion of delusion. Thus, a potion of delusion mixed with a potion of invisibility will cause the drinker to believe he or she is truly invisible, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Potion Admixture Results Table

d% Result
01 Eldritch blast! A catastrophic release of magical energies. This massive energy discharge does 6d10 points of internal damage and 1d10 points of damage to anyone with 10 ft of the imbiber. If mixed externally, all persons within 10 ft of the epicentre of the blast take 4d6 points of damage, no saving throw allowed.
02-03 Poison, causing instant death if mixed internally, no save. External admixtures create a poisonous cloud 10 ft in diameter. Anyone within the cloud must save versus poison or die.
04-07 A strange brew results and imbiber sickens, losing 1d4 each strength and dexterity for 4d6 rounds, no saving throw. One potion is completely nullified and the other works at 50% strength and duration, determined randomly.
08-12 The potions cancel each other out.
13-20 One potion is cancelled and the other works at 50% strength and duration, determined randomly.
21-30 Both potions work but only at 50% strength and duration.
31-90 Successful admixture: both potions work normally.
91-99 Extraordinary success: one potion, determined randomly, works at 150% strength and duration while the other is cancelled.
00 Spectacular success! - One of the imbibed potions, determined randomly, has bestowed its effect permanently. Of course, this may not always be a good thing! Consider, for instance, a permanent potion of gaseous form effect.

Animal Control (any)

Anyone taking this potion gains the ability to relate to, understand, and manipulate the emotions of a particular type of animal. The type of animal is determined by a die roll (see below), and the number of animals affected depends on the size of the animal.

d20 Result
1-4 Avian
5-7 Fish
8-11 Mammal, including marsupial
12-13 Any mammal and avian
14-17 Amphibians and reptiles
18-19 Amphibians, reptiles, and fish
20 All listed above

The following general sizes and quantities apply:

Note that unless the drinker of this potion has some other means of directly communicating with the animals influenced by the potion, only general emotions or inclinations may be manipulated.

Humanoids are unaffected by this potion, and any creature with low intelligence (5) or higher may make a saving throw to resist its effects.

Clairaudience (any)

This potion lasts for 2 turns and grants the drinker the spell-like ability to hear as the similarly named third level magic user spell. This effect can be used further to hear what is happening out of sight within 30 ft.

Clairvoyance (any)

This potion lasts for 1 turn and grants the drinker the spell-like ability of clairvoyance like the third level magic user spell. Unlike the spell, this potion grants the ability to see what is happening outside of the known area within 30 ft.

Climbing (any)

This potion lasts for 1 turn + 5d5 rounds, during which time the drinker gains the ability to climb like a thief with 99% ability (a roll of 00 means failure). However, the odds of failure increase by 1% for every 1,000 gp worth of weight carried. Furthermore, the type of armour worn will influence climbing ability by decreasing the percentage chance of success as follows:

-1% Any type of magical armour
-1% Studded leather
-2% Ring mail
-4% Scale mail
-7% Chain mail
-8% Banded and splinted armour
-10% Plate mail

Delusion (any)

This potion is aptly named, for it convinces the drinker that the potion is of another type. If more than one person tastes this potion, there is a 90% chance they all will believe the potion to be of the same type. For example, a potion of clairaudience might convince the drinker there are sounds in the distance that do not truly exist.

Diminution (any)

This potion lasts for 1d4+7 turns. When drunk, the imbiber and everything carried will shrink to 5% of the person’s original size. If only half of the potion is consumed, it will shrink the imbiber 50% of his or her original size.

Dragon Control (any)

Drinking this potion grants the imbiber power equivalent to charm monster upon a dragon of a type determined by the table below. Each potion affects only one type of dragon unless otherwise indicated. The imbiber is able to control a dragon within 60 ft for the duration of 5d4 rounds. Roll on the table below for the specific type of dragon control potion.

d20 Result Value (gp)
1-2 Black dragon control 12,000
3-4 Blue dragon control 14,000
5-6 Brass dragon control 12,000
7 Bronze dragon control 14,000
8-9 Copper dragon control 13,000
10 Gold dragon control 16,000
11-13 Green dragon control 13,000
14 Red dragon control 15,000
15 Silver dragon control 15,000
16-17 White dragon control 10,000
18-19 All evil dragons 20,000
20 All good dragons 20,000

ESP (any)

This potion grants a spell-like ability equivalent to the magic user spell ESP for the duration of 5d8 rounds.

Extra-Healing (any)

Imbibing the full dose of this potion replenishes damage up to 3d8 + 3 hit points. Unlike most other potions, this can be imbibed in three equal portions for 1d8 hp of healing each.

Fire Resistance (any)

The imbiber of this potion is impervious to all forms of ordinary flame, whether as small as a torch or as large as a raging bonfire, for 1 turn. Further, this potion reduces damage from other kinds of fire by –2 per die of damage. These kinds of fire include fireball, wall of fire, and the intense heat of molten rock. If exposure to these flames requires a saving throw, it is made at +4 to the die roll. Half of the potion can be quaffed for resistance lasting 5 rounds, and other bonuses provided are halved (-1 damage and +2 to saving throws).

Flying (any)

This potion grants the spell-like ability equivalent to the magic user spell of the same name.

Gaseous Form (any)

The person who quaffs this potion, in addition to all items on his or her person, takes on a translucent, gaseous consistency and floats at 30 ft per round. This speed can be different depending on natural wind speed in the environment or due to the effects of wind-altering spells. While in gaseous form, the person affected can flow below doors and other small spaces not sealed airtight. Although magical lightening and fire do the gaseous form full damage, while in gaseous form the imbiber is otherwise impervious to other attacks. However, double the normal damage is inflicted by a whirlwind. This potion must be fully imbibed to have effect.

Giant Control (any)

When imbibed, the drinker is able to control up to two giants in the same manner as the spell charm monster for 5d6 rounds. A saving throw is allowed, and if only one giant is affected it receives –4 to this roll. If two giants are affected they receive +2 to this roll. Each potion of giant control affects only one type of giant. Consult the table below.

d20 Result Value (gp)
1-2 Cloud giant 5,000
3-6 Fire giant 4,000
7-10 Frost giant 3,000
11-15 Hill giant 1,000
16-19 Stone giant 2,000
20 Storm giant 6,000

Giant Strength (FPR)

There is a separate potion for each type of giant, and the imbiber of this potion temporarily gains the strength score of the appropriate type of giant. This bonus in strength is accompanied by the giant ability to toss rocks at opponents. Consult the table below for the giant types and strength abilities granted. Giants are listed in order of ascending strength.

d20 Giant Strength Melee Dmg Wt Allow. Range mod Rock Dmg BB/LG Value (gp)
1-6 Hill +1d8 +4,500 +780 ft 1d6 50% 900
7-10 Stone +1d10 +5,000 +8,160 ft 1d12 60% 1,000
11-14 Frost +1d12 +6,000 +9,100 ft 1d8 70% 1,100
15-17 Fire +2d6 +7,500 +10,120 ft 1d8 80% 1,200
18-19 Cloud +2d8 +9,000 +11,140 ft 1d10 90% 1,300
20 Storm +2d10 +12,000 +12,160 ft 1d12 99% 1,400

Growth (any)

The imbiber of this potion increases in size up to a maximum of an additional 24 ft. This potion can be quaffed in one-quarter increments such that one one-quarter portion increases size by 6 ft. Note that although the enlarged person gains enough strength to conduct normal movement, gained strength does not apply in any way to combat. However, movement does increase to an equal amount of a giant of equivalent size.

Healing (any)

The imbiber of this potion regains 2d4+2 hp. This potion can only be quaffed in total for effect.

Heroism (FPR)

Extra levels and their accompanied benefits to combat are temporarily granted to the imbiber, determined by his or her experience level as shown in the table below. Characters above 9th level receive no benefit.

Imbiber Level Levels Granted Additional Hit Dice (d10)
0 4 4
1st to 3rd 3 3 + 1
4th to 6th 2 2 + 2
7th to 9th 1 1 + 3

Human Control (any)

Once quaffed, this potion grants the spell-like ability of charm person to the drinker for 5d6 rounds. Many kinds of humanoids, demi-humans, and humans can be affected by this potion (see the table below), and 32 hit dice/levels of these beings are affected. Only whole hit dice are considered when calculating how many individuals are affected, and any bonuses are dropped (3 + 1, 4 + 2 are treated as 3, 4). The specific kind of human-like being affected for each potion is determined on the table below.

d20 Result
1-2 dwarfs
3-4 elves and half-elves
5 elves, half-elves, and humans
6-7 gnomes
8-9 halflings
10-11 half-orcs
12-17 humans
18-20 other humanoids (orcs, gnolls, goblins, etc.)

Invisibility (any)

When this potion is quaffed, the drinker is bestowed with the spell-like ability of invisibility. This potion can be consumed in 1/8 increments, in which case the invisibility granted lasts 1d4 + 2 turns per dose. Any combat action removes the invisibility granted, such that a new dose must be consumed.

Invulnerability (F)

An invulnerability potion makes the drinker impenetrable to normal attacks, attacks by non-magical beings, and attacks by creatures under 4 hit dice. Further, the drinker gains +2 to all saving throws and grants a reduction in armour class by two ranks. This potion may only be consumed by fighters and its effects last 3d6+2 rounds.

Levitation (any)

When this potion is quaffed, the drinker is bestowed with the spell-like ability of levitation. The effects of this potion extend to the drinker only, but allow up to 6,000 gp of weight to be transported as well.

Longevity (any)

This potion makes the drinker 1d12 years younger. This restored youth is possible not only for natural ageing, but also for ageing from magic or creature effects. There is some small danger however, since each time a potion of longevity is consumed there is a cumulative 1% probability that all previous age reversals from potions of this type will be negated, raising the character’s age to the age he or she would be without the effects of the potions. It is not possible to drink this potion in increments.

Oil of Ætherealness (any)

This potion is not imbibed, but the thin oil is applied to a character and all of his or her belongings in order to achieve an æthereal state for 1d4+4 turns. It takes 3 rounds for the potion to take effect, and it can be negated earlier than the duration by applying a mildly acidic liquid. When æthereal, a character is invisible and can pass through any objects that are not also æthereal.

Oil of Slipperiness (any)

This oil is applied to the character in the same way as oil of ætherealness. Any character so coated cannot be restrained or grabbed, and neither wrapped in the grip of constrictor snakes or any other grasping attacks, including binding ropes, chains, or cuffs, magical or otherwise. Simply put, nothing can get a grip on a character coated in this oil. Further, objects can be coated with the oil, and if a floor is coated any individual even standing on the floor will have a 95% probability each round of falling due to slipping. The effects of the oil last 8 hours, but the oil can be cleaned off early with liquid containing alcohol, such as whiskey, wine, or stout beer.

Philtre of Love (any)

The imbiber of this potion may become charmed by the next person or creature upon whom he or she lays eyes. The drinker will actually become charmed and besotted by the person or creature if it is of the opposite sex and of similar racial stock. The charm aspect of this potion lasts for 4 + 1d4 turns, but only dispel magic will make the drinker cease to be enthralled by a member of the opposite sex.

Philtre of Persuasiveness (any)

When this potion is quaffed, the drinker gains the ability to make a suggestion, as the magic user spell, to all creatures within 30 ft. Further, this potion makes the imbiber more alluring and grants a 25% bonus to reaction rolls.

Plant Control (any)

The imbiber of a potion of plant control is able to control plants or plant-like creatures (including fungi and moulds) within an area of 20 ft squared, to a distance of 90 ft. This ability lasts for 5d4 rounds. Plants and plant-like creatures will obey commands to the best of their capacity. For instance, vines can be controlled to wrap around targets, and intelligent plants can be given orders. However, intelligent plant beings (5 or greater intelligence) receive a saving throw vs magic. Similar to other charm-like abilities, one cannot directly control an intelligent plant creature to inflict harm upon itself.

Polymorph (any)

This potion grants the spell-like ability to polymorph self, as the fourth level magic user spell.

Speed (any)

This potion doubles combat and movement ability for 5d4 rounds. Thus, if the imbiber can normally move at 90 ft, for the duration of this potion’s effect the imbiber can move at 180 ft. The number of attacks available double as well, but this potion does not decrease spell-casting time. This heightened ability does not come without cost, for the strain it puts on the imbiber’s body ages him or her by 1 year permanently.

Super-Heroism (FPR)

Unlike the potion of heroism, the effects of this potion last 5d6 rounds. Extra levels and their accompanied benefits to combat are temporarily granted to the imbiber, determined by his or her experience level as shown in the table below. Characters above 12th level receive no benefit.

Imbiber Level Levels Granted Additional Hit Dice (d10)
0 6 5
1st to 3rd 5 4+1
4th to 6th 4 3+2
7th to 9th 3 2+3
10th to 12th 2 1+4

Sweet Water (any)

This sweet-tasting liquid can be used to cleanse water (including turning salt water into fresh water) or otherwise transform poisons, acid, etc. into drinkable liquid. Further, sweet water will destroy other potions. For most liquids, this potion will affect up to 100,000 cubic feet. However, only 1,000 cubic feet of acid can be neutralised. The effects of sweet water are permanent, and once treated, liquid will resist spoilage or contamination for 5d4 rounds after which it can be contaminated once again.

Treasure Finding (any)

For 5d4 rounds, the imbiber of this potion can sense any treasure within 240 ft containing valuable metals or gems. In order to be detected, the total value of the treasure must meet or exceed any combination of 50 gp or 100 gems. Any valuable metal meeting this value in quantity is detectable, and any gems, including those in jewellery, are detectable. Although the direction of the treasure can be sensed, the precise distance cannot. No physical barrier will impede detection, except some magical wards or lead.

Undead Control (any)

Normally undead are immune to charm. However, when quaffed this potion grants the drinker the ability to charm undead (intelligent or otherwise) as the charm person spell. Only intelligent undead are allowed a saving throw vs magic, with a penalty of 2. A total of 16 hit dice of undead can be influenced. All hit dice bonuses are rounded down (5 + 2 hit dice is considered as 5). The effects of this potion last 5d4 rounds. Each potion of undead control affects one type of undead, determined from the table below.

d10 Undead Affected
1 Ghasts
2 Ghosts
3 Ghouls
4 Shadows
5 Skeletons
6 Spectres
7 Vampires
8 Wights
9 Wraiths
0 Zombies

Water Breathing (any)

The imbiber of this potion is granted the ability to breathe when submerged in any liquid that contains oxygen (rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.). The duration is 1 hour + 1d10 rounds per dose. There is a 75% probability that a potion will contain 4 doses, and a 25% probability it will contain 2 doses.