Chapter II:

Arcane and phantasmal spells are acquired as a result of long study and diligent practice. To cast a spell, the illusionist or magic user must have the spell scribed in his or her spell book and have prepared it for casting.

Clerical and druidic spells, on the other hand, are acquired as a result of faithful religious service. To cast a spell, the cleric or druid must have spent time in prayer and meditation to prepare it for casting.

In either case, the procedure for memorising a spell is the same. Spell memorisation requires a minimum rest period of 4 hours, which must be spent in a quiet place without interruption. Once this period has expired, it takes fifteen minutes per level to memorise spells; in other words, a character memorising one 3rd, two 2nd and four 1st level spells would require a further (45+30+30+15+15+15+15=) two hours and forty-five minutes of memorisation time.

Spells, once cast, are lost from the casting character’s memory and cannot be reused until the caster memorises them again. (Exception: It is possible to memorise the same spell twice or even more times if the caster has sufficient spell slots.)

Under “saving throw” the notation “none (neg.)” indicates the spell does not normally have a saving throw, but one is permitted for the spell’s reverse. For example, cure light wounds has no saving throw, but its reverse cause light wounds does have one.

Also under “saving throw,” the notation “half” indicates that if the saving throw is passed, the spell takes half-effect. For example, with fireball if the saving throw is halved, targets within the area of effect take half the damage shown on the die.

Spell Scrolls

Spells are also sometimes found written on scrolls. It is not possible to memorise a spell from a scroll, although magic users and illusionists may copy the spell from the scroll into their spell books, if they understand the spell. This process always erases the scroll. This is the primary means by which magic users and illusionists will acquire new spells for their spell books.

Alternatively, the spell may be cast directly from the scroll, in which case the scroll is erased as the spell is cast. In this case, it is not necessary for the caster to know the spell beforehand, and indeed it is possible to cast a spell from a scroll even if the caster does not know the spell or is of insufficient level to use the magic.

In extreme cases (such as when a character casts a spell from a scroll well above the level he or she could normally memorise) the GM will assign a chance that the spell will fail.

A character must be of the correct class to cast a spell from a scroll. Thus, only clerics or paladins may cast spells from clerical scrolls, only druids or rangers from druidic ones, and so on. (Exception: Thieves and assassins may attempt to cast arcane and phantasmal spells from scrolls.)

Explanatory Notes Concerning The Spell Descriptions

If the range of a spell is “0,” this indicates that the spell must be cast right at the caster’s location, but that it remains stationary (in other words, it does not travel). If the range is “caster,” this indicates that the spell moves with the caster.

Spell duration refers to the length of time that the spell’s magic remains “magical.” Thus a permanent duration means that the spell creates an enchantment (which can probably be dispelled). A spell with instantaneous duration is a spell that causes a permanent change in the world, but one that no longer requires a spell to maintain. The effect of a spell with instantaneous duration cannot later be dispelled. The cleric’s cure spells are an excellent example: once a wounded person is cured, the regained hit points cannot be removed with a dispel magic spell, but they are not magically protected from being removed with a sword stroke, either. The spell is simply complete once it is cast, and no more magic is active after that point. Spells marked with “Instantaneous (permanent)” under “duration” all have this property—they cannot be removed by being dispelled.

Spell components may be verbal (representing the words used to incant the spell), somatic (representing the gesture or gestures that must accompany the casting), and/or material (representing physical components that are normally consumed in the spell’s casting). Exception: Material components that are not normally consumed include a cleric’s holy symbol.

Spells with a verbal component may not be cast within the area of effect of a silence spell or if the caster is gagged. Spells with a somatic component will require that the caster has at least one hand free for the casting. Spells with a material component will usually require two free hands as well as the material component itself.

The precise nature of the material component for most spells has been left as a matter for the GM to determine, if relevant. Where such components are costly, an approximate cost is provided. Otherwise, the components should not usually be rare or difficult to acquire.

As typical examples, the spell fireball might require explosive materials such as charcoal or saltpetre, while the spell sleep might require a pinch of sand thrown towards the targets at the culmination of the spell.

It is possible for high level magic users and illusionists to research new spells. Such spells should be assigned a level by the GM which should be commensurate with the approximate power of the spell. The GM should always ensure that such spell research is difficult, demanding, dangerous and very, very expensive!

The spell names provided are generic, and may (or should) be adjusted for additional flavour and relevance to the particular campaign in question. Thus, for example, Animate Dead might be re-named Jaxon’s Fearsome Marching Corpse after the name of the mage who originally researched it in that particular campaign—or perhaps, after the spell’s most famous (or infamous) victim.

It should be noted that the spells listed below are far from being the only spells in existence. They are, however, the basic "canon" of spells, those that every practitioner will (or should) know the existence and general characteristics of.

Cleric Spells by Level

Level One Level Two Level Three
1 Bless 1 Augury 1 Animate Dead
2 Command 2 Chant 2 Continual Light
3 Create Water 3 Detect Charm 3 Create Food and Water
4 Cure Light Wounds 4 Find Traps 4 Cure Blindness
5 Detect Evil 5 Hold Person 5 Cure Disease
6 Detect Magic 6 Know Alignment 6 Dispel Magic
7 Light 7 Resist Fire 7 Feign Death
8 Protection From Evil 8 Silence 15 ft Radius 8 Glyph of Warding
9 Purify Food and Drink 9 Slow Poison 9 Locate Object
10 Remove Fear 10 Snake Charm 10 Prayer
11 Resist Cold 11 Speak With Animals 11 Remove Curse
12 Sanctuary 12 Spiritual Weapon 12 Speak with Dead
Level Four Level Five Level Six Level Seven
1 Cure Serious Wounds 1 Atonement 1 Aerial Servant 1 Astral Spell
2 Detect Lie 2 Commune 2 Animate Object 2 Control Weather
3 Divination 3 Cure Critical Wounds 3 Blade Barrier 3 Earthquake
4 Exorcise 4 Dispel Evil 4 Conjure Animals 4 Gate
5 Lower Water 5 Flame Strike 5 Find the Path 5 Holy Word
6 Neutralise Poison 6 Insect Plague 6 Heal 6 Regenerate
7 Protection from Evil 10 ft radius 7 Plane Shift 7 Part Water 7 Restoration
8 Speak With Plants 8 Quest 8 Speak With Monsters 8 Resurrection
9 Sticks to Snakes 9 Raise Dead 9 Stone Tell 9 Symbol
10 Tongues 10 True Seeing 10 Word of Recall 10 Wind Walk

Druid Spells by Level

Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four
1 Animal Friendship 1 Barkskin 1 Call Lightning 1 Animal Summoning I
2 Detect Magic 2 Charm Person or Mammal 2 Cure Disease 2 Call Woodland Beings
3 Detect Pits and Snares 3 Create Water 3 Hold Animal 3 Control Temperature 100 ft radius
4 Entangle 4 Cure Light Wounds 4 Neutralise Poison 4 Cure Serious Wounds
5 Faerie Fire 5 Feign Death 5 Plant Growth 5 Dispel Magic
6 Invisibility to Animals 6 Fire Trap 6 Protection From Fire 6 Hallucinatory Forest
7 Locate Animals 7 Heat Metal 7 Pyrotechnics 7 Hold Plant
8 Pass Without Trace 8 Locate Plants 8 Snare 8 Plant Door
9 Predict Weather 9 Obscurement 9 Stone Shape 9 Produce Fire
10 Purify Water 10 Produce Flame 10 Summon Insects 10 Protection From Lightning
11 Shillelagh 11 Trip 11 Tree 11 Repel Insects
12 Speak with Animals 12 Warp Wood 12 Water Breathing 12 Speak with Plants
Level Five Level Six Level Seven
1 Animal Growth 1 Animal Summoning III 1 Animate Rock
2 Animal Summoning II 2 Anti-Animal Shell 2 Chariot of Fire
3 Anti-Plant Shell 3 Conjure Fire Elemental 3 Confusion
4 Commune With Nature 4 Cure Critical Wounds 4 Conjure Earth Elemental
5 Control Winds 5 Feeblemind 5 Control Weather
6 Insect Plague 6 Fire Seeds 6 Creeping Doom
7 Pass Plant 7 Transport via Plants 7 Finger of Death
8 Sticks to Snakes 8 Turn Wood 8 Fire Storm
9 Transmute Rock to Mud 9 Wall of Thorns 9 Reincarnate
10 Wall of Fire 10 Weather Summoning 10 Transmute Metal to Wood

Magic User Spells by Level

Level One Level Two Level Three Level Four
1 Affect Normal Fires 1 Audible Glamour 1 Blink 1 Charm Monster
2 Burning Hands 2 Continual Light 2 Clairaudience 2 Confusion
3 Charm Person 3 Darkness 15 ft Radius 3 Clairvoyance 3 Dig
4 Comprehend Languages 4 Detect Evil 4 Dispel Magic 4 Dimension Door
5 Dancing Lights 5 Detect Invisibility 5 Explosive Runes 5 Enchanted Weapon
6 Detect Magic 6 ESP 6 Feign Death 6 Extension I
7 Enlarge 7 Fool’s Gold 7 Fireball 7 Fear
8 Erase 8 Forget 8 Flame Arrow 8 Fire Charm
9 Feather Fall 9 Invisibility 9 Fly 9 Fire Shield
10 Find Familiar 10 Knock 10 Gust of Wind 10 Fire Trap
11 Floating Disk 11 False Trap 11 Haste 11 Fumble
12 Friends 12 Levitate 12 Hold Person 12 Hallucinatory Terrain
13 Hold Portal 13 Locate Object 13 Infravision 13 Ice Storm
14 Identify 14 Magic Mouth 14 Invisibility 10 ft radius 14 Massmorph
15 Jump 15 Mirror Image 15 Lightning Bolt 15 Minor Globe of Invulnerability
16 Light 16 Pyrotechnics 16 Monster Summoning I 16 Mnemonic Enhancement
17 Magic Aura 17 Ray of Enfeeblement 17 Phantasmal Force 17 Monster Summoning II
18 Magic Missile 18 Rope Trick 18 Protection From Evil 10 ft radius 18 Plant Growth
19 Mending 19 Scare 19 Protection from Normal Missiles 19 Polymorph Other
20 Message 20 Shatter 20 Slow 20 Polymorph Self
21 Protection From Evil 21 Stinking Cloud 21 Suggestion 21 Remove Curse
22 Push 22 Strength 22 Tiny Hut 22 Wall of Fire
23 Read Magic 23 Web 23 Tongues 23 Wall of Ice
24 Shield 24 Wizard Lock 24 Water Breathing 24 Wizard Eye
25 Shocking Grasp
26 Sleep
27 Spider Climb
28 Unseen Servant
29 Ventriloquism
30 Write
Level Five Level Six Level Seven Level Eight
1 Airy Water 1 Anti-Magic Shell 1 Cacodemon 1 Antipathy/ Sympathy
2 Animal Growth 2 Control Weather 2 Charm Plants 2 Clenched Fist
3 Animate Dead 3 Death Spell 3 Delayed Blast Fireball 3 Clone
4 Cloudkill 4 Disintegrate 4 Duo-Dimension 4 Glass-steel
5 Cone of Cold 5 Enchant an Item 5 Grasping Hand 5 Incendiary Cloud
6 Conjure Elemental 6 Extension III 6 Instant Summons 6 Irresistible Dance
7 Contact Other Plane 7 Forceful Hand 7 Limited Wish 7 Mass Charm
8 Distance Distortion 8 Freezing Sphere 8 Mage’s Sword 8 Maze
9 Extension II 9 Geas 9 Mass Invisibility 9 Mind Blank
10 Feeblemind 10 Glasseye 10 Monster Summoning V 10 Monster Summoning VI
11 Hold Monster 11 Globe of Invulnerability 11 Phase Door 11 Permanency
12 Interposing Hand 12 Guards and Wards 12 Power Word Stun 12 Polymorph Object
13 Mage’s Faithful Hound 13 Invisible Stalker 13 Reverse Gravity 13 Power Word Blind
14 Magic Jar 14 Legend Lore 14 Simulacrum 14 Spell Immunity
15 Monster Summoning III 15 Lower Water 15 Statue 15 Symbol
16 Passwall 16 Monster Summoning IV 16 Vanish 16 Trap the Soul
17 Secret Chest 17 Move Earth
18 Stone Shape 18 Part Water
19 Telekinesis 19 Project Image
20 Teleport 20 Reincarnation
21 Transmute Rock to Mud 21 Repulsion
22 Wall of Force 22 Spirit-rack
23 Wall of Iron 23 Stone to Flesh
24 Wall of Stone 24 Transformation
Level Nine
1 Astral Spell
2 Crushing Hand
3 Gate
4 Imprisonment
5 Meteor Swarm
6 Monster Summoning VII
7 Power Word Kill
8 Prismatic Sphere
9 Shape Change
10 Temporal Stasis
11 Time Stop
12 Wish

Illusionist Spells by Level

Level One Level Two Level Three
1 Audible Glamour 1 Blindness 1 Continual Darkness
2 Change Self 2 Blur 2 Continual Light
3 Colour Spray 3 Deafness 3 Dispel Illusion
4 Dancing Lights 4 Detect Magic 4 Fear
5 Darkness 5 Fog Cloud 5 Hallucinatory Terrain
6 Detect Illusion 6 Hypnotic Pattern 6 Illusory Script
7 Detect Invisibility 7 Improved Phantasmal Force 7 Invisibility 10 ft Radius
8 Gaze Reflection 8 Invisibility 8 Non-Detection
9 Hypnotism 9 Magic Mouth 9 Paralysation
10 Light 10 Mirror Image 10 Rope Trick
11 Phantasmal Force 11 Misdirection 11 Spectral Force
12 Wall of Fog 12 Ventriloquism 12 Suggestion
Level Four Level Five Level Six Level Seven
1 Confusion 1 Chaos 1 Conjure Animals 1 Alter Reality
2 Dispel Exhaustion 2 Demi-Shadow Monsters 2 Demi-Shadow Magic 2 Astral Spell
3 Emotion 3 Major Creation 3 Mass Suggestion 3 Prismatic Spray
4 Improved Invisibility 4 Maze 4 Permanent Illusion 4 Prismatic Wall
5 Massmorph 5 Project Image 5 Programmed Illusion 5 Vision
6 Minor Creation 6 Shadow Door 6 Shades 6 Arcane Spells level 1
7 Phantasmal Killer 7 Shadow Magic 7 True Sight
8 Shadow Monsters 8 Summon Shadow 8 Veil