D&D 3e Resources

PDF Character Sheets

Seven pages of character-sheetish goodness.

I've kept the followers/livestock and magic-user stuff on separate pages so that they only need be printed out if they're required. For many characters, only the first two pages will be necessary (magic items can be listed under Equipment unless the player really, really wants a special place to note them).

You can get the whole shebang here as a simple printable file, which can be filled out using the traditional analogue pencil-based method (a puny 30.9 KB, for the bandwidth-challenged). This is my favourite method of using character sheets; I tend to find computer-generated ones fine for recording character states at various levels, but they tend to look a bit impersonal.

I'll add more pages as I find the need for them. If anyone can think of anything else which should be included, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Update 2002-01-17: I've made a few small changes to the layout of some of the pages, and included a page for Psionics stuff.

Acrobat Forms-based versions of the Character Sheets

Note: I won't be updating these files any more, because I find them more trouble than they're worth. The saved characters take up large chunks of disk-space, and I find I don't particularly like the look of typeset field entries — they look too formal and impersonal for my taste.

Grand Unified Character Sheet (pdf, 950 KB)

This is a 6-page A4 forms-based self-calculating PDF character sheet for D&D 3rd Edition. The pages are laid out as follows: (Click on the page number link to get just that single page)

The sheets can be filled out just by clicking in the appropriate field and typing in the required values. Any fields which are repeated from one point to another (such as Strength or Intelligence modifiers, for example) will be placed automatically wherever they need to be once the first field is input. Also, things like armour class, hit points, total equipment weight, etc. will be automatically calculated.

You will need to fill out the sheets in Adobe Acrobat if you want to be able to save them, but they can be filled out and printed without saving from the free Acrobat Reader. (Hint: Don't forget to "Save As..." another file name when you open the original file so that you don't accidentally overwrite the template.)

DM's Screen (pdf, 57.5 KB)

This links to a PDF file, laid out with tables galore on 4 A4 (landscape mode) pages. Print 'em out, stick 'em to heavy card, join 'em together and you've got yourself a handy DM's quick-reference screen. It includes the same Critical Hits chart as is shown in the link below

DM's Screen — Players' Side (pdf, 40.4 KB)

This link leads to another PDF file designed to go on the outside of the DM's Screen mentioned above. This is all information the players should have access to; much of it is repeated on the GM's side of the screen. The fonts on this side are larger so that they can be read (hopefully) from across the table. In theory, it should help to avoid a lot of page-flipping during game time.