Magic Items

Novi's Force-Shield RingThe Flying CarpetThe Portable HoleThe Wand of Wonder
NOTE: Regarding Magic Item Charges
Charges are listed as a die size, for example as a d20, or a d8, or whatever.
Every time the relevant function is used, a die (or dice, if using multiple charges) of the listed size is thrown.
If any die shows a 1, then the item fails to operate and is rendered useless, having run out of charges.

Novi’s Force-Shield Ring

Charges: d30

This is a multi-function device. The second and third functions — the Dancing Shield and Shield Wall — require a degree of concentration by the wielder, which interferes with spell-casting. The caster must make a CHAR roll (against their magic-use CHAR) at –1 per level of the spell being cast. If the save fails, the spell fizzles and is lost.

All of the shield effects are transparent, but not invisible. They glow and emit a small amount of light — about the same as a candle or cheap glow-stick; enough to read by at a pinch, but not enough to illuminate an area larger than about 5’ radius centred on the wielder. Enough, however, to ruin infravision for anyone within that area, and easily seen from far away in the dark.

Force Shield (no charges)
On one command, the wearer can invoke a glowing, transparent disc of force, approximately one yard in diameter, centred on the ring. The disc acts and can be manipulated exactly like a physical shield (+2 to AC). The force-shield has no apparent mass, but it acts on incoming attacks as if it did — that is, it can absorb kinetic energy by inertia. Because it occupies a hand when in use, spells requiring a somatic component may not be cast while wielding the force-shield in this fashion.
Dancing Shield (one charge to activate)
On another command, the force-shield can be made "hands free", and it no longer requires that one hand be occupied in manipulating it. It responds directly to the will of the wearer, but will not move further away than arm’s length. It is otherwise identical to the basic Force Shield. This function requires one charge to activate.
Shield Wall (one charge, plus one charge per 5’ width per round)
This command invokes an immobile vertical Wall of Force 5’ wide by 10’ tall, centred within 10’ of the wielder. Once invoked, it may not be moved. The width of the wall can be increased by an additional 5’ per charge expended. The wall is transparent, but not invisible. Spell effects cannot pass directly through the shield wall, but line-of-sight magic that acts at range can — for example, magic missiles or lightning bolts could not pass through, but a Word of Command could. This function uses one charge to activate, plus one charge per 5’ width per round — that is, a minimum of two charges on the first round.

The Flying Carpet

this is a large, finely woven carpet, roughly seven feet wide by ten feet long. It can be rolled and unrolled like any other carpet, and when it's not flying it can be used just like a normal carpet.

It will fly in response to the will of any sentient humanoid sitting cross-legged on the centre mandala. No command words are necessary, merely a concentrated mental desire to make the carpet fly. The pilot is in telepathic communication with a djinn-like entity which inhabits the carpet and enables it to fly, and the djinn is somewhat picky about who it will and will not cooperate with — the pilot must succeed in a CHA-based persuasion check to establish control. The base DC is 10+, but that may be modified by circumstances such as how much work the djinn has recently been asked to do, damage to the carpet, and so on. A failed cooperation check can be repeated the following round, a second failed check may not be tried again for another Turn, a third in another hour, and if that fails, another may not be made until the following day as the djinn goes on strike in a huff.

The carpet always remains perfectly level, whether climbing, descending, or turning, and to passengers it will always feel quite firm and secure beneath: there is no sensation of inertia as it changes speed or direction. The wind is quite perceptible though, especially at high speeds. The carpet offers no protection from inclement weather.

It will continue to fly as long as the pilot maintains concentration. If concentration lapses for any reason, or if the pilot falls asleep, or is knocked unconscious, or is killed, the carpet will usually coast to a stop and sink fairly slowly to the ground, though if the djinn feels itself to be in imminent peril it will respond accordingly.

The difficulty of maintaining control depends on the speed at which the carpet is flying, whether any tricky maneuvering is required, and whether a desired maneouvre is likely to result in danger to the carpet (and thus the djinn). Flying along a straight course at walking pace requires almost no effort at all, while dogfighting an attacking wyvern would require the most intense concentration in order to maintain control.

If concentration is lost for any reason, contact must be reestablished with the djinn inhabiting the carpet in exactly the same way as when starting to fly.

The maximum speed and altitude attainable is dependent on the Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma of the pilot — 20’ of altitude and 1 mile per hour of speed per point of INT, WIS and CHA. Note that altitude is relative to sea level, not the local ground level, so in highlands it may struggle to clear the tree-tops, if it can fly at all.

The most weight the carpet can support is 1,000 pounds. Any more than that and it will not lift off. If its weight limit is exceeded while in flight, it will fall to the ground without warning and, more importantly from the point of view of any passengers, without being slowed any more than if it were a normal, ordinary carpet that happened to be falling through the air.

Although a magical carpet, and very finely made, it is still just a carpet and it is vulnerable to anything that would damage a normal carpet.

The Portable Hole

This appears as an incredibly light and gossamer-fine circle of fabric, about three feet in diameter and utterly pitch black, blacker than the blackest velvet. It can be rolled or folded into a very compact bundle, and always feels quite weightless regardless of the weight of objects held within.

When laid out on a solid surface, vertical or horizontal, it opens a portal into the ceiling of a pocket-dimension, a cubic space about ten feet on a side. The walls, floor and ceiling all appear pure white and perfectly smooth, without any visible seams, and impervious to damage. Those without can see into the room as if looking through a hole, and those within can likewise see out, but there appears to be no thickness to the ceiling — no depth to the "window".

Gravity within the space is always opposite the entry portal — that is, the portal is always up when one is in the space.

There is no ladder or stair down into the room.

The chamber is lit by magical lamps in the ceiling. They give a clear, unwavering, somewhat cold light, completely unlike good honest lamp or candlelight.

The Portable Hole, when laid out, is quite vulnerable to disturbance by the breeze, being so diaphanous. This is an important feature to be aware of, as the portal disappears the instant any part of the Hole lifts from the surface it has been laid on, and anyone or anything partially through the portal will be instantly chopped in half.

The air available within the space is only that which has been let in when the Hole was open, so although being inside the Hole when it is lifted and the portal closed is not in itself in any way dangerous, the air within will not be renewed until the Hole is once again open.

The Wand of Wonder (d100 charges)

This thick, rod-like wand is usable by any character class, and its command phrase, opprimendum me, is engraved on its side.

Every time the wand is used, roll d100. If 01 comes up, the wand has run out of charges, and nothing happens. The wand is now just a stick. Otherwise, roll again as shown below: