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Ritual Magic

by DuBeers ยป Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:40 pm

In addition to high level spells, rituals can also be used to cast lower level spells that have not been memorized. Rituals cost 100 gold pieces per spell level to enact and require one hour per spell level to complete. The spell effects begin operation the following turn.

Performing a ritual cannot be done quietly, these are often accompanied with chanting, burning incense, and ringing hand-bells. Rituals lend themselves particularly well for use with the various cure and detect spells, not so well to offensive magic.

No spell may be cast by ritual more than once a day.

Performance of a ritual will typically trigger a wandering monster check if underground and per referee discretion in the wilderness. A spell-caster, whether arcane or divine, accumulates a daily number of ritual spell points reflecting the highest level spell he or she can cast.

Example: a 5th level magic-user can cast 3rd-level spells, and thus will have three ritual spell points. This will allow him or her to ritually cast three 1st level spells, or one 1st and one 2nd level spell, or a single 3rd level spell.


3d6 RollRitual Failure Result
4-5Sleep d6+6 Turns
6-15Dazed d6+1 Turns
16-17Enraged d4 Turns
18Insanity, Permanent

Additionally, a spell-caster may attempt to use ritual magic to cast a spell beyond their ability though this action carries some risk. The magic-user must roll their base saving throw at -1 per spell level above caster's current ability. If the saving throw fails, roll 3d6 and refer to the table to the right.

Whether the ritual succeeds or fails the caster may perform no more rituals for that day.