Eyeless the Wizard

Working for Eyeless

The party are a "snatch" team, working for a powerful and reclusive wizard known as Eyeless. He is seldom seen, but when he is it is clear that his soubriquet is accurate — where his eyes should be are two blank hollows of flesh.

Eyeless is not a generous or caring employer, but neither is he excessively grasping or parsimonious. He will provide appropriate equipment where necessary for the task at hand, but on a strictly loan basis unless they form part or all of the payment for the job. Losses and breakages will be deducted from the team's rewards!

The jobs he requires are very varied, and can be laughably simple and easy or complex and dangerous. He does not micro-manage; he states his requirements and leaves it to his employees to get the job done. He does not explain his reasons to underlings; he commands and they obey, or else leave his employ.

He is accepting of failure as long as a genuine attempt has been made to fulfill his requirements. He does not expect suicidal zeal — or if he does, he will pay for it. He is, however, utterly intolerant of skiving or half-arsedness.

Eyeless provides board, lodging, and a few house-servants for his team in the township of Skrær, but does not associate with them except on business matters. Accommodations are modest, but reasonably comfortable. Food is plentiful and nourishing, but not in any way exotic. Luxuries must be paid for out of the employee's own purse.

Eyeless' manse in the mountains
Photo-collage by Jim Kazanjian

Eyeless himself does not live in the city, but in a strange mansion in the upper foothills of the mountains of the WorldWall, about a six hour journey from Skrær. He seldom summons underlings there; he usually communicates with them through his factotum, a short, round, jolly sort of man named Parrot.