A printable PDF of the Character Generation Wheel can be found here

Character Creation

The campaign is run using the AD&D/OSRIC rules, modified by my house-rules (subject to modification at my whim).

All characters will be generated by means of my Character Generation Wheel, as shown below.

There are no hard limitations on character class or species, but you may need to be aware of and take into account the social ramifications of your choices.

New and replacement characters begin at the beginning of 5th level in their chosen class. Sucks to be the new kid. If you wish to start with a multi-classed character, those levels will have to be split (as evenly as possible, so usually 3 in one, 2 in the other) between your character classes, of course.

Money and magic items for new characters will be generated completely randomly, so there's no guarantee that what you have actually suits your chosen class. If that turns out to be the case, you will have to see if you can trade for more suitable gear.