Climate/Terrain: Desert (Curséd Land)

Frequency: Unique

Organization: Solitary

Intelligence: Average

Treasure: Fortuitous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

No. Appearing: 1

Armour Class: 6 [14]

Movement: 12"

Hit Dice: 6 (42 hp)

THAC0 [Attack Bonus]: 15 [+5]

No. of Attacks: Up to 4

Damage/Attack: 1d6 (bite)

Special Attacks: Leap, engulph

Special Defenses: Demonic immunities, +1 or better to hit, immune to bludgeoning

Magic Resistance: 80%

Size: M (approx. 5' tall)

XP Value: 2,000 xp


Wormhead is actually six conjoined demonic individuals, exiled to the Material Plane for offenses unknown, trapped together in a disgusting rubbery mass. It moves by dragging or rolling itselves along, using its short worm-like tentacles for traction, and usually to the loud complaints of whoever happens to be on the bottom at the time.

Up to four of the mouths can attack at one time, but no more than three can attack a single opponent.

Every few rounds (1 in 4 chance to activate), Wormhead can massively enlarge one of its mouths and attempt to engulph a creature up to the size of a horse (save vs. Paralysis to negate). Engulphed creatures take no damage, but are "swallowed" into a pocket dimension similar to that created by a rope trick spell and thence, after 1d6 hours, are excreted: throw 1d20 — if the result is 1-19, the destination is 1-20 miles of the place where they were engulphed (random direction), but if a 20 is rolled they are excreted on to one of the levels of the Abyss. (It hopes, by trapping as many sentient creatures as possible in the Abyss, to earn forgiveness for its crimes and to be allowed back itself).

On a round in which Wormhead attempts to engulph a victim, no other bite attacks can occur.

Wormhead can leap up to 100' using a limited form of telekinesis. However, it has no way of landing softly, and the complaints of the various individuals when this happens tend to be loud and indignant.

There is no automatic cooperation between the six conjoined individuals who make up Wormhead's being, and as a result it tends to move and act very erratically.

Wormhead has the standard demonic abilities and immunities, except that it is unable to teleport, nor can it gate in another demon of any kind. If "killed" on the Material Plane, it deliquesces explosively into a foully stinking pool of goo (same effect as skunk spray, 10' radius) and reforms somewhere nearby (1-20 miles, random direction) after 1-6 days.