Climate/Terrain: Any

Frequency: Rare

Intelligence: Low (4-6)

Treasure: None

Alignment: CE

No. Appearing: 1-6 (5-500 in the Abyss)

Armour Class: 3 [17]

Movement: 12" (roll 30")

Hit Dice: 6

THAC0 [Attack Bonus]: 15 [+5]

No. of Attacks: 2 cleaver-claws

Damage/Attack: 1-10/1-10

Special Attacks: Bowling, Scissor-slash

Special Defenses: None

Magic Resistance: None

Size: M (5-6' high)

XP Value: 300 + 6/hp (average 462 xp)


The Snicker-Snack is an insectoid monster, quite common throughout many layers of the Abyss. Its intelligence is low, but it is capable of understanding and following orders given in the Abyssal common tongue. They communicate amongst themselves with a rudimentary language of clicks and hisses, and can signal over quite long distances by drumming with their massive cleaver-claws.

Though from the Abyss, and used in very large numbers in demonic armies, the Snicker-Snack is not itself demonic. It is found on the Prime Material Plane mainly as guardians of places and/or treasure, but it never keeps any treasure of its own.

They get along quite quickly on their many spindly legs, but on smooth surfaces or open country they will curl themselves up into a smooth, hard ball and roll along at a great rate (30"). Their maneuverability when travelling thus is quite limited, but their hard chitinous carapaces protect them quite well if they run into an obstacle.

If they collide with another creature, the impact will do 2d6 damage, and the victim must save vs. Paralyzation or be knocked flying. Small creatures are at -4 on the roll, medium creatures are at -2, and large creatures make the roll unmodified. Very large creatures will take the impact damage, but will be knocked down only if they roll a 1 for their save. A creature that is knocked flying is stunned for 1d3 rounds.

This "bowling" attack is made at -4 due to the Snicker-Snack's poor maneuverability, unless it is made in constricted terrain such as a narrow passage or bowling alley.

The Snicker-Snack makes melee attacks with its two massive cleaver-claws, each of which does 1d8 damage. It does its worst damage though if it manages to hit the same opponent with both claws, whereupon it "scissors" with them, doing an additional 2-16 damage, and if the victim fails a saving throw vs. Paralyzation, the scissor attack will amputate a limb or head! (Determine location randomly, using whichever hit location method you prefer.) An amputated limb will continue to bleed at 1d6 damage per round until a tourniquet or healing magic is applied. An amputated head will normally have more severe consequences.