Chameleon Toad

Frequency: Rare
No. Encountered: 5-60 (5d12)
Size: S (about 18" diameter)
Move: 20' (leap 60')
Armour Class: AC 7 [AAC 13]
Hit Dice: 1-1 (average 4 hp)
Attacks: 3 (claw/claw/bite)
Damage/Attack: 1d3/1d3/1d6
THAC0 [Attack Bonus]: 20 [+0]
Special Attacks: None
Special Defenses: None
Magic Resistance: Standard
% in Lair:
Intelligence: Animal
Alignment: Neutral (vicious)
XP Value: 10 + 1/hp (average 14 xp)


Neither a chameleon nor a toad, this unpleasant little creature does have certain similarities with each.

Like the chameleon, it can alter the hues of its hide to match its background, making it almost invisible as long as it remains still (surprise victims 5 in 6). Its eyes, on their bulbous stalks, can operate independently, allowing it to look in two directions at once, and it can detect vibrations in the earth through its hide, so it is not itself easily surprised (1 in 8).

Like a toad, in lean times it can burrow beneath the earth and go into a state of suspended animation until it detects the vibrations of approaching prey.

When alerted to the approach of a potential meal, the swarm emerges to the surface and lies in wait, relying on their camouflage ability to remain undetected until their victim is in amongst them. They then leap up to 60' on to their prey, attempting to grip on with their long, needle-sharp front claws.

If they miss, or hit with only a single claw, they have failed to attach themselves, and will waddle away to get clear for another leaping attack.

If they hit with both claws, they are latched on to their victims and automatically do additional claw damage each round until they detach, or are removed or killed. A latched on chameleon toad can be torn free with a Minor Strength Test (e.g. Open Doors).

When latched on, they will also begin to bite out chunks of flesh with their short, razor-sharp teeth (1d6).

A single chameleon toad weighs about 25 lbs, and having three or four of them attached and feeding will begin to encumber many creatures, dragging them down to be mobbed by the whole swarm at once. The swarm is capable of stripping an animal like a horse or cow to its bones in just a few minutes.

An individual chameleon toad will not gravely imperil most experienced adventurers, but their numbers make them a danger to be reckoned with.