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The Rings
The Rings

The Wedding Barge
Leah arrived for the ceremony across the lake by boat

Father of the Bride
Jimmy escorts his daughter ashore

The Groomsmen's Serenade
Neville and his groomsmen serenaded the boat ashore

The Bridesmaids
Leah with her bridesmaids

Leah and Neville
Leah and Neville listening to Reverend Harvey Smith's address

Reverend Harvey Speaks
The man himself, Rev. Harvey Smith gives his oration

Nancy Speaks
Leah's grandmother, Nancy, also had some words of wisdom to impart

Jim and Hilary
Mum and Dad - Jim and Hilary Fitzpatrick

Leah and Neville
Leah and Neville by the lakeshore - the deed is done

The Wedding Party
Bride and Groom, and bridesmaids and groomsmen galore

Parents and Bride
Jim and Hilary with Leah after the ceremony

The Marriage Certificate
The Proof - it's all legal

The Fitzes
A mass of Fitzes. Some may call it environmentally irresponsible to have so many so close together.

Some more relations of the bride - Murpheys, Yeomans, Foxes and Fitzes.

Leah and Carly
Leah with her niece, Carly

Us and Them
Annette and Fitz with Leah and Neville

Leah and Neville
Leah and Neville at the reception. Many, many speeches and waiata.

Leah and Neville
Cutting the cake

Leah and Neville
Leah and Neville together

Neville and Leah with Nev's parents, Miria and Neville Senior

Neville with his sisters

Some of the whanau

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